7 Steps To Avoid The Zika Virus


Quaint, uncrowded seaside villages. Tranquil azure seas lapping softly on a white sand beach. Palms gently swaying in the breeze. These are the images many see when planning a mid-winter escape from the icy wrath of a northern winter. This is the life my brother leads, and has, for the past five or six years. Every Fall he packs his bags and heads for destinations “warm”. This Winter it’s Panama. Oh, he comes back every Summer, but we joke that he hasn’t seen a snowflake in so long, … [Read more...]

Raspberry Squares ~ Quick, Foolproof and Delicious!

Raspberry Squares

I first had these Raspberry Squares when a work colleague brought them to a pot-luck dinner. I fell in love with them at first bite. I remember asking right away if she would mind giving me the recipe and if they were difficult to make. She was happy to share the recipe, which was her grandmother's and told me they were super easy to make. That was more than ten years ago now and I have made them ever since. And my colleague wasn't exaggerating when she said how easy these are to make. You … [Read more...]

Join the #NoHairSelfie Movement & Twitter Party in Support of Cancer Research

Cancer Research

I can pretty well guarantee that there is not one adult person in North America (or worldwide) that hasn’t been affected by cancer in one way or another. I have.  My sister battled breast cancer and won, I am thrilled to say she is now more than five years cancer free.  Sadly, a happy outcome is not always the case. My brother-in-law, my husband's only sibling, died of cancer on the night of his 46th birthday. I have also lost grandparents, aunts, uncles, co-workers, and friends to this … [Read more...]

Love, Hallmark this Valentine’s Day w/Giveaway

Love, Hallmark this Valentine's Day

For us, Valentine’s Day is not a huge celebration like we do for birthdays and Christmas, however, we do like to recognize it in a few little ways.  From heart-shaped pancakes to a little love note tucked into a lunch box, there are many ways to show someone special that you love them. This year, as the season of love approaches, Hallmark wants  you to spend time with those you love and celebrate life’s special moments together. From a "Love-a-Saurus" Techno Plush and an Oversized Message … [Read more...]

Buy Local ~ It Saves

Buy Local

In our home, when possible, we always try to buy the goods and services we use, locally. Sometimes, this is relatively easy.  Buying fresh produce at a local Farmer's Market in the summer or the choice to use a local hair stylist or coffee shop. Sometimes, it’s more difficult. This is especially true with major purchases like automobiles or financial products like insurance, where you know that a large portion of the money you are spending will leave your region. It’s not that it’s … [Read more...]

Maritime Mist Cocktail

Maritime Mist

There is absolutely nothing wrong with having a beer or a glass of wine; but, sometimes I want something a little special, like this Maritime Mist Cocktail. A couple of weeks ago, Music Man and I were in the kitchen, prepping Sunday dinner. We will often have a glass of wine while getting dinner ready. This week, I suggested we should make a fun cocktail instead and asked him if he was interested. Music Man laughed and said, "Sure, go for it".  I wasn't sure what we had on hand for … [Read more...]

13 Winter Emergency Preparedness Essentials ~ Are You Ready?

Winter Emergency Preparedness

Is it just me, or are our winters becoming worse every year? Lately, it certainly has felt that way. Last year, here in Eastern Canada, we had a winter of epic proportions. From mid-January until the end of March, here in southern New Brunswick, we received more than 17 feet of snow. Yes, you read that correctly, 17 FEET! And this year, there was the recent massive snowstorm that paralyzed the eastern United States. Leaving in its wake, flooding, massive snowfall, power outages, travel … [Read more...]

Glazed Clementine Loaf

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It seems that from December through much of the winter, clementines are in abundance. I can't go into my local grocery store without seeing a big display of this tasty, easily peeled fruit. Not only are clementines perfect in lunch boxes or as a midnight snack, they are also the perfect fruit to put in a citrus loaf. I have made my Mom's recipe for Lemon Bread for a hundred years. Not only is it simple to make and delicious, it turns out perfectly every time. My Mom died in January of … [Read more...]

#MySweetValentine $400 PayPal Giveaway {Open WW}


  The excitement of the holidays are behind us and we are smack, dab, in the midst of the dog-days of winter. With more than six long weeks of winter still ahead, I think we could all use something to look forward to. How would you feel about 400 things to look forward to? What if I told you it was a chance to win a whopping $400.00 USD in the #MySweetValentine giveaway? Now that is something to warm you up on a cold winter night! Welcome to #MySweetValentine Giveaway!    This cash … [Read more...]

Green Goodness Smoothie Bowl

Green Goodness Smoothie Bowl

Like I'm sure many of you were, I was thrilled when my 2016 Milk Calendar arrived.  Each year I look forward to scouring each page, making notes and planning all the recipes I’m going to try. The first page I always flip to is the month of May, which happens to be my birthday month. I always find it fun to see what recipe is featured in that month. This year’s featured recipe for the month of May is the Green Goodness Smoothie Bowl.  Loaded with fruit, kale, milk and chia seeds, not only … [Read more...]

Visits From The Neighbourhood Deer


The area that I now live in, was not that long ago, fields, forest and a scattering of farms. When Music Man and I, more than 30 years ago, moved here from a neighbouring city, this community had a population of a little more than 10,000.  There was still acres and acres of dense forest and sprawling fields. Since we moved here, homes have popped up left, right and centre and we now live in a suburban community, with a population of roughly 30,000 residents. While the building lots are fairly … [Read more...]

Thick Molasses Cookies

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When I was little, I loved when Mom would read me the (in hindsight, rather gruesome) story of Little Red Riding Hood. I loved hearing all about her red hooded cape and how she walked through the forest on her way to Grandma's house. However, my favourite part of that story was the basket filled with the thick molasses cookies that Red Riding Hood was taking to Grandma. In my mind's eye, I can still see mounds of thick molasses cookies tucked into a red and white gingham lined, round … [Read more...]

All Animals Deserve Our Kindness and Respect


Some of the beautiful little kittens in the “Kitten Room” of our local SPCA/Animal Rescue. Anyone who knows me well, or who has read my blog or followed me on Facebook or Twitter, knows that I am a huge lover of animals. I have written a number of articles on various subjects related to the care and ethical treatment of animals. I firmly believe, All Animals Deserve Our Kindness and Respect. I am sure there are times when some people roll their eyes and think, “oh no, she’s at it again”. … [Read more...]

Hello Dolly Squares {aka Magic Bars} ~ Special Edition

Hello Dolly Squares

This recipe has been around for as long as I can remember. Just about everyone I know has some version of the super popular, Hello Dolly Squares (aka Magic Bars). I have no idea where the name of these squares originated. However, in my active mind, I imagine this scenario: Fifty, sixty, seventy or one hundred years ago someone created these squares. She (yes...c'mon, it had to be a woman who created these delicious layers of yumminess!) had no name for them, they were just a layering … [Read more...]