Garnier Clean Plus Makeup Removing Lotion Cleanser #GarnierSensitive

Garnier Clean Plus Makeup Removing Lotion

I am a fairly low maintenance girl when it comes to a beauty/skin care regime.  Unless I am going somewhere very special I stick to the basics.  If I am staying home I just put on a moisturizer. If I am heading out to do a few errands I'll take a couple of minutes to also put on a lightweight foundation, a bit of blush, a light touch of eyeliner and mascara.  I am not a lipstick girl at all but I do put on a bit of gloss. When it comes to my bedtime facial routine, again I am very low … [Read more...]

Reuben Sandwich


This is one of our go to meals when we are looking for something a little different for dinner, but still want to keep it easy and delicious.  One of the number one requested quick dinners by my family is our version of a Reuben Sandwich. I believe that traditionally, corned beef is used as the meat in this sandwich.  We have always used smoked meat, which I recently discovered is actually the Montreal version of the classic.  I have also often substituted a light mayonnaise for the … [Read more...]

The Aftermath of Multiple Blizzards!


If you have watched the news lately, I am sure you have heard about the multiple blizzards that have pummeled the north-east coast of the US and Atlantic Canada. Honestly, we have been buried! I cannot recall another winter where we have had multiple, I think it's six now, blizzards in less than a month.  I think the snow count for the Kennebecasis Valley, which is where I live, since  January 27th  is way past 255 cm, which is about 101 inches, which is about 8 1/2 feet!  Anyway you measure … [Read more...]

Celebrating Chinese New Year 2015 with Lion’s Head Meatballs

Chinese New Year 2015

I find a fun way to become a little familiar with other cultures is to share in their significant celebrations. Did you know this year’s Chinese New Year 2015 celebration begins on February 19th and will usher in the Year of the Goat? What is Chinese New Year? Chinese New Year is the longest and most important of the traditional Chinese holidays. The origin of Chinese New Year is itself centuries old and gains significance because of several myths and traditions. Because the Chinese are … [Read more...]

There is No Tooth Fairy for Pets ~ This and Other #DentalPetFacts


About eighteen months ago, we decided our lone (and lonely) kitty needed a friend, so we adopted a beautiful little cat from a cat rescue program. This poor little kitty had endured horrendous abuse and was little more than skin and bones.  Although she was full-grown, the vet estimated her age to be about two years, she only weighed just a little over 3 pounds. I am happy to tell you, she is now the most loving (and loved) pet on the planet! She has more than doubled her weight and now … [Read more...]

Butternut Squash Risotto With Pancetta

Butternut Squash Risotto With Pancetta

My husband and I are not big on all the hoopla of candy and roses that are often associated with Valentine's Day. Sure, when we were dating I received roses and candy but honestly, $70.00 or $80.00 for a bouquet of roses and $20.00 for a heart-shaped box of chocolates, (which has about 8 chocolates), is not our thing. We would much rather spend that cash on a nice bottle of wine and ingredients for a delicious dinner at home. We do like to cook together and usually collaborate to make a nice … [Read more...]

Have you Read, A House In the Sky, by Amanda Lindhout?

A House In the Sky

I just finished reading the riveting memoir,  A House In the Sky by Amanda Lindhout and Sara Corbett.  To say I found it difficult to put down would be a bit of an understatement. The book tells a story of, Amanda Lindhout, who is from Alberta, Canada. As a young child, living in an unstable and turbulent household, she collected and cashed in bottles. With the money she earned, she purchased old National Geographic magazines. She escaped into the descriptions and photos of the exotic places … [Read more...]

161 Centimetres of Snow & Counting!


I have lived in Canada my entire life.  I know to expect lots of snow, it's Canada after all, we get snow.  But 161 centimetres in nine days... and counting, now that's ridiculous. I live in the Maritimes, not with Santa at the North Pole! There is a reason I titled this post, 161 Centimetres of Snow & Counting.  Yes, you guessed it.  Today, we are expecting to receive an additional 25 - 40 centimeters of snow.  That will bring the 12 day total to between 186 and 201 centimetres!  Any … [Read more...]

~ CLOSED ~ Share the Love with Hallmark {w/Giveaway}

Share the Love

For us, Valentine's Day is not a huge celebration, like we do for birthdays and Christmas, however, we do like to recognize it in a few little ways.  From heart-shaped pancakes to a little love note tucked into a lunch box, there are many ways to Share the Love! This year, Hallmark wants  you to spend time with those you love and celebrate life’s special moments together. From singing plush toys to classic love stories to their selection of signature greeting cards, Hallmark Canada has … [Read more...]

Confetti Squares ~ Recipe

Confetti Squares

A good friend of mine used to make these squares often and I have always liked them. She gave me her recipe and I would often make them when my kids were younger.  Coloured marshmallows + butterscotch chips + peanut butter = happy kids! They are definitely not difficult to make.  Just a little melting of butter, peanut butter and the chips, then letting the mixture cool a bit. Stir in marshmallows, put them in a pan, toss in fridge and you are done! I let the butters/chip mixture cool … [Read more...]

Locals Buy & Sell Here ~ #FirstCrush


Ahhhh...the "good old days".  Do you find yourself sometimes longing for an era that is now just a memory?  Maybe back when you were a child? Long before spouses, kids, the daily work grind, hockey, ballet classes, kid's homework and "what's for dinner?" At one time or another, I think we all do.  Back then, life was simple. All you needed to worry about was what to wear to the school dance and who was dating whom. Was there a movie you watched repeatedly on a (now ancient) VHS tape? There … [Read more...]

Join the #NoHairSelfie Movement in Support of Cancer Research


Did you know that in 2012, an estimated 14.1 million new cases of cancer occurred worldwide? That is a staggering number! That’s why today I'm sharing information with you on the Princess Margaret Cancer Centre’s #NoHairSelfie movement which is happening on February 4, 2015 – World Cancer Day. I can pretty well guarantee that there is not one person in North America that hasn't been touched by cancer in one way or another. I know I have.  My sister battled breast cancer and won, I … [Read more...]

A Toonie Is All It Takes To Fill A Hungry Tummy #Toonies4Tummies


Most of us would find it difficult to fathom, but can you imagine the heartbreak of having no food for your child's breakfast and sending them off to school hungry? Does that seem like only a third world problem?  It is not. It is also a first world problem.  In Canada, 1 in 6 children start the school day on an empty stomach due to a lack of access to nutritious foods. Can you imagine being a little child and going to school hungry? Day after day trying to concentrate on school work when … [Read more...]

Should You Be Fined for Texting While Walking?

Distracted texting

{Photo attribution: Ed Yourdon/JohnnyMrNinja (CC)} You are out for a walk and receive a text.  You continue walking while responding. Is that a crime?  Should you be fined for texting while walking? Hopefully, we are all aware of the dangers associated with texting and driving, but increasingly the hazards of texting and walking are becoming known. We've all seen people walking down a busy street, heads down and fingers moving over the keyboard or scrolling through their emails.  They … [Read more...]