Understanding Heart Disease – Cholesterol (part 4 of 4)


Nine ways to get your cholesterol in check  (#'s 5 - 9) - (If you missed last weeks post - Understanding Heart Disease - Cholesterol (part 3 of 4),  you can find it here.)Avoid trans fats often found in foods made with shortening or partially hydrogenated vegetable oil, including hard margarines, fast foods and many pre-made foods. Trans fats raise bad cholesterol and lower good cholesterol. Use Canada's Food Guide to plan a healthier diet. Eat more vegetables, … [Read more...]

Sunday Funny

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Living Green, One Tip at a Time – (a weekly feature)


Tip #22 Save water!!Check out your bathroom and consider using low-flow faucets, showerheads and toilets.Do you currently use low flow fixtures?Monica … [Read more...]

Wordless Wednesday ~ Sisters ~


This photo was taken during our "sisters' camping trip by Kathy over at Oak Lawn Images Monica … [Read more...]

Understanding Heart Disease – Cholesterol (part 3 of 4)


Nine ways to get your cholesterol in check  (#'s 1 - 4) - If you missed last weeks post - Understanding Heart Disease - Cholesterol (part 2 of 4),  you can find it  here.Test your cholesterol. Ask your doctor to check it if:You are male and over 40. You are female and over 50 or post-menopausal. You have heart disease, stroke, diabetes or high blood pressure. Your waist measures more than 102 centimetres (40 inches) for men or 88 centimetres (35 inches) for women. For persons … [Read more...]

Living Green, One Tip at a Time – (a weekly feature)


Tip # 21Safe Disposal of Unwanted PaintWhen painting the interior or exterior of your home, always ensure proper disposal of any remaining paint.The information contained in this post was obtained from Squidoo.Monica  … [Read more...]

Wordless Wednesday


Sisters, mimosas, camping....and for a few days, all is right with the world! This photo was taken by my sister, Kathy, over at Oak Lawn Images. Monica  … [Read more...]

Understanding Heart Disease – Cholesterol (part 2 of 4)


Cholesterol, heart disease and stroke - If you missed last weeks post - Understanding Heart Disease - Cholesterol (part 1 of 4),  you can find it HEREHigh cholesterol can lead to a buildup of plaque in the artery walls which causes narrowing of your arteries. This narrowing is a condition called atherosclerosis, which reduces blood flow to all vital organs. High blood cholesterol is a major risk factor for heart disease and stroke. By lowering your cholesterol, you can … [Read more...]

Living Green, One Tip at a Time – (a weekly feature)


Tip # 20Safe Disposal of Unwanted MedicationWhen prescription or over-the-counter drugs are thrown into the garbage, or flushed down the sink or toilet, their chemical components may be added to the water supply or soil. The presence of these substances in the environment is becoming an important national and international issue. Although the concentration levels of these products in the environment may be very low, they may be enough to have adverse effects on the environment and, … [Read more...]

Understanding Heart Disease – Cholesterol (part 1 of 4)


Illustration of plague build up in an arteryCholesterol is one of the fats in your blood.  It is used by your body to make cell membranes, Vitamin D and  hormones.  There are two main types of cholesterol:Low-density Lipoprotein (LDH) cholesterol - often referred to as the "bad" cholesterol (I  remember it as the "L" in the word "low" = Lousy) because high levels of LDH in the blood promotes the build-up of plaque in the artery walls. (see above … [Read more...]

Living Green, One Tip at a Time – (a weekly feature)


Tip # 19Save a tree... ... instead of paper statements,  request e-statements for your bills.Monica … [Read more...]

Hypertension (High Blood Pressure) – The Silent Killer

Myth 5: My blood pressure is high only because I drink so much coffee.Caffeine’s effect on the body, and particularly blood pressure, is still widely debated. Studies have shown that for people who don’t have caffeine on a regular basis, drinking coffee, tea, some soft drinks, chocolate and headache remedies may cause blood pressure to go up – but only temporarily. Researchers have noted a significant increase in blood pressure of 2.4 mm Hg systolic (the upper number) and 1.2 mm … [Read more...]

Drowning Doesn’t Look Like Drowning

When I was doing some blog hopping, I came across this post at, Totally Temberton.  I am re-posting it on my site, with full permission of Cara, at Totally Tembberton.  I urge you to PLEASE,  take a few moments to read this extremely important and very timely article. Do you know what REALLY happens when a person is drowning?   Do you know how to determine if a person is drowning?  Do you ever wonder how a person can drown even when sober adults are nearby?   The answers may … [Read more...]