World’s Best Cat Litter

Worlds Best Cat Litter

I was recently given the opportunity to review the World’s Best Cat Litter and being the proud Mom of two very pampered kitties I jumped at the chance!

Over the recent Christmas holidays, we also had a sweet little feline visitor for two weeks.  Yes, that’s right, three kitties under the same roof for over two weeks.

My two always share a litter box, however, I wasn’t sure how our little visitor would react to sharing a box so I decided to set up a “guest box” for her and also filled it with the World’s Best Cat Litter,  Multiple Cat Clumping Formula.   I could also have chosen their Clumping Formula or Scented Multiple Cat Clumping Formula.

Well, it’s a good thing I chose the Multiple Cat Clumping Formula!  The three little kittens soon decided their home had been upgraded to the deluxe two bathroom variety and they all used whichever box they happened to be closest to at their time of need!!

Worlds Best Cat Litter

Features of the World’s Best Cat Litter™:

PLANET FRIENDLY – World’s Best Cat Litter™ isn’t made from mined, drilled, or artificially made ingredients. It’s milled from renewable whole-kernel corn.

PET AND PEOPLE FRIENDLY – made from all-natural ingredients—with no added chemicals—it’s safe for cats. And unlike clay litters, there’s no silica dust for you or your cat to breathe.

OUTSTANDING ODOUR CONTROL – the only litter made from whole-kernel corn. That means it has a naturally super-absorbent structure that keeps nasty odours and smells inside the litter.

QUICK CLUMPING – traps the liquid and limits the wetness from seeping, sinking to the bottom or sticking to the sides of the box.

EASY SCOOPING – With its patented formula and quick-clumping abilities, World’s Best Cat Litter™ is easy to scoop. Cleanup is a breeze!

LONG LASTING – Quick clumping keeps the rest of the litter dry. As a result, one 7-lb. bag of World’s Best Cat Litter™ may last one cat more than 30 days. That saves you time and money!

I really liked this product!  I loved that it was safe for my cats as well as the planet and it was super easy to scoop because it clumped into a solid little mass practically the second liquid hit it.

I searched for information about its flushability but found nothing to say it was flushable.  However, since it doesn’t contain clay or chemicals and is 100% natural and made from whole kernel corn…I flushed it.  (I can’t bring myself to put soiled litter in plastic bags headed for landfills and compostable bags are very expensive)

BUY IT –  For information on where you can buy World’s Best Cat Litter, on-line or in-store, visit here.


  1. I like that it is whole kernel corn.

  2. I learned there is no silica dust!

  3. I have three cats and let me tell you, I LOVE this stuff. My youngest kitten was getting litter stuck to his nose while he was still figuring out the odds and ends of the business. Every time he licked it off I was freaking out about his health. I didn’t know what consists of regular litter (had been using Fresh Step) or what it does to a little kitten’s body, but I was concerned. I did a bit of research and got this stuff. I instantly felt better for my cats’ health, and that was enough for me.

  4. Now that I’m entering, I see I should have thrown in something I learned in my last comment. Heh. It’s made of corn meal!

  5. Alena Svetelska says:

    I have learned that this best world litter have outstanding odor control better than other products

  6. I learned it clumps on contact.

  7. I really hate the dust that flies around with the cat litter we have now. This wuld be sooooo much better. I’m going to try it for sure!!

  8. it is the only litter made from whole-kernel corn

  9. Anne Taylor says:

    Visitors won’t notice that lingering “litter box smell.”
    Some cats will refuse to use excessively smelly boxes. But your cat will always appreciate the odor control of World’s Best Cat Litter™.

    I very much would love for my kitties to try this litter!


    nancyrobster at gmail dot com

  10. Brenda Penton says:

    I learned that it is made with whole-kernal corn.

  11. Maegan Morin says:

    I learned that they have a 100% money back guarantee

  12. Journeysof TheZoo says:

    Made from kernel corn and doesn’t dust. I’m sure my cat would love it!

    P.S. I can’t find your GFC link!?

  13. No silica dust! Woo!

  14. Karen Fields says:

    It contains no silica dust.


  15. Bekah Kuczenski says:

    I learned that there’s no silica dust for me or my cat to inhale. :)

  16. It’s made from whole kernel corn

  17. I learned that it was made from Whole Kernel Corn.

  18. I learned that I can get this product at the shop-rite that is two blocks from my house. Not to mention that it is made from whole kernel corn. Thanks
    carolwegs at gmail dot com

  19. Jennifer L. says:

    I learned that when you start using this litter, you should add it to your existing litter and then gradually replace it.

  20. I read that it traps the liquid and limits the wetness from seeping, sinking to the bottom or sticking to the sides of the box. How wonderful it would be to not have to scrape wet cat litter from the side of the litter box. It’s not my favorite job as it is, anything that would make it more pleasant would be great.

  21. I learned it’s made from all-natural ingredients—with no added chemicals—it’s safe for cats.

    Jenn from Making Hair Bows

  22. Cheryl Morreale says:

    I learned that it is made from whole kernel corn. I have three cats!

  23. Huguette En says:

    I learned it stops it from sticking to the bottom or sides.

  24. i love that there’s no silica dust

  25. bc edwards says:

    learned they have an online community

  26. clumps on contact

  27. Sarah Carroll says:

    It is made out of corn

  28. Made of corn! And clumps on contact.
    bbingha (at)

  29. I learned it’s practically dust free which is great

  30. That the odor control is tons better than regular litter!

  31. Melissa wakeling says:

    no silica dust = happy lungs

  32. ♡♥♬ Louis ♬♥♡ says:

    World’s Best Cat Litter™ is the only litter made from whole-kernel corn. That means it has a naturally super-absorbent structure that keeps nasty odors and smells inside the litter.

    Thank you for hosting this giveaway

    pumuckler {at} gmail {dot} com

  33. it is made from whole-kernel corn

  34. It is made from whole kernal corn.

  35. appearantly cats prefer the softer feel of the litter and it’s made from corn which i think is interesting, but you have to switch to it gradually like starting only with a 1/3 until your cat gets used to it, at least according to the website

    • Alisa, I switched gradually over a week or 10 days, just started with 1/3, then 1/2 then 2/3 and finally completely. My kitties didn’t even seem to notice! lol

  36. Ellen Porcari says:

    Best cat litter out there. I use the multiple cat formula unscented mixed with a little of the scented because my cats don’t like the smell too strong. Safe for my “kids”, flushable and environmentally friendly; how can you go wrong?

  37. Hi,

    We have 3 kitties who’d love litter that takes care of their planet while taking care of them! Thanks!

  38. Bev Baize Miller says:

    We have 1 spoiled 12 year old male cat “REOW”, he’s a pistol. I’ve bought every litter on the market, would love to win yours. It sounds awesome and I need the help. Hoping to hear from y’all. Thank You, Bev and Reow.

  39. I like that it doesn’t contain silica – no dust for the cats to breather.

  40. we use the scented on and its the best.

  41. That it clumps on contact it leaves no orders or dust no more scraping the litter box. all of this helps make for happy pets and owner. thank you for the contest, Older Mommy Still Yummy good luck to all.

  42. I love that it works so well and is made of whole kernal corn. I was skeptical at first because of the steep price tag but over the past three months it has saved so much money. Plus my lungs and my cats lungs won’t have any clay or silica particles in them! I have 3 kitties too and am just amazed!

  43. I’ve been using this for the past few months and agree with everything you said. I like that it doesn’t turn into cement like other cat litters and scoops up cleanly without leaving stuff stuck to the bottom of the litter box.

  44. I am the proud mommy to four cats ages 2-15 yrs old. I have been using World’s Best litter for over 12 years. We wouldn’t even want to try anything else!

  45. I learned that multiple cat households need multiple litter boxes.

  46. Brenda Gilpatrick says:

    I have two cats — complete FURRBALLS! One of my cats was having red inflamed paws after using a different brand. I got this brand because I had a coupon, and now its all I use. Two cats + three litter boxes + 2-8 lb bags =45 days of NO SMELL — I only have to refill it because I scoop it every week and the box runs out of litter before it starts to smell!

  47. I learned that World’s Best Cat Litter absorbs moisture on contact for convenient scooping. No more chiseling or scraping.

  48. Debbie Jean starkey says:

    i love clumping kitty litter.Cleanups are much easier!

  49. Belinda McNabb says:

    I learned that they have a 100% money back guarantee

  50. Definitely the World’s Best! My cats like it and so do I. My one neurotic calico, chews the clay type litter out of her fingernails if I use it. When I use World’s Best Cat Litter, she doesn’t do that anymore, no need to have to pick it out of her nails. That speaks for itself, I think it’s healthier in general for cats. It would be wonderful to win a bag because although it’s worth every penny, it’s not cheap. In the long run though, it lasts longer than clay litter, so it’s not much more expensive for what you get, either.

  51. I learned that they have a new cat litter out now – scented multiple cat clumping formula.

  52. Huguette En says:

    Please delete today’s tweet enter, clicked enter without tweeting, wasn’t paying enough attention, sorry!

  53. Great odour control

  54. I learned that one 7lb bag made from renewable whole kernel corn can last one cat almost a month. And that’s true, because I use this product, and get pretty much a month out of a bag of litter. Fantastic product! Love the “no dust” factor. And my cat doesn’t clean her fingernails obsessively anymore. That says something right there.


    Love that they are having a contest to win 2012 lbs of cat litter. Will enter that for my local cat shelter

  56. This is by far the best litter I ever used I love the odor control and clumping power plus it last so much longer than the average litter, keep up the awsome job.

  57. I learned that the naturally absorbent whole-kernel corn enables World’s Best Cat Litter to clump faster than other clumping litters—so you use less litter in the long run. Claims that a sm bag can last almost 30 days.

  58. I love that it is the only all-natural cat litter made from whole kernel corn!

  59. That it’s milled from renewable whole-kernel corn.

  60. I had no idea it was made of whole corn kernels.

  61. Sarah Blake says:

    a seven lb bag lasts 30 days for one cat.

  62. Melissa O. says:

    World’s Best Cat Litter™ clumps so well you don’t have to scrape and chisel like with other litters. Moisture is absorbed in a compact and easy-to-scoop clump.

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