Hunter Moon Book Tour & Giveaway


Hunter Moon (Lupine Moon Series) by Cait Lavender … [Read more...]

Living Green, One Tip at a Time ~ Earth Hour 2012 ~


In 2007, WWF-Australia inspired Sydney-siders to show their support for climate change action in the first ever Earth Hour event. … [Read more...]

Incredible on so many levels!

I just finished watching this and I had to share...I still have tears in my eyes and goosebumps!! Perhaps many of you have already watched this,  for those of you who haven't,  you must watch.  It is incredible...on so many levels! … [Read more...]

~ How to be The Perfect Grandmother ~ Blog Tour {Review & Giveaway}


Being a grandmother, writes Bryna Nelson Paston, is not one of life's free choices. "You can pick your pet, your alma mater, and your spouse. You can decide when to have kids and how many, if you're careful. You can be a doctor, lawyer, mountain climber, or plumber. But when and where you become a grandma is your kids' decision." … [Read more...]

Keep your kids safe around household chemicals!

Chances are you have a variety of household chemical products at home, like cleaning liquids and powders, drain cleaners and paint. These can pose serious health risks to children if they are not used and stored properly. … [Read more...]

~ Wordless Wednesday ~ Poor Shannon :( {w/LINKY}


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~Living Green ~ Canada Water Week invites you to “Discover Your Water Footprint”

Did you know that the average Canadian consumes nearly 6,400 litres of water every day? Much of that water – over 90% – is embedded in the food you eat, the clothes you wear and the products you use every day! … [Read more...]

~ Healthy Living ~ Important Earth Day information for all parents and teachers.

"Earth Day Canada announces two action campaigns for Earth Day® 2012  March 15, 2012" One of the action campaigns for Earth Day 2012 is for kids, classrooms and schools. … [Read more...]

~ Wordless Wednesday ~ Good-bye winter, Hello spring! {w/LINKY}

Good-bye winter, Hello spring!

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“Elemental” by Emily White ~ Book trailer ~ {#giveaway}


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~ Living Green ~ Earth Hour and Climate Change


Climate change is the biggest environmental threat to our planet and the number one concern for Canadians. We are already seeing its impacts, particularly on our Arctic and our oceans. … [Read more...]

~ CLOSED ~ How to be The Perfect Grandma ~ Blog Tour and Giveaway!


Welcome to the How to be The Perfect Grandma Blog Tour and Giveaway! … [Read more...]

~ HUGO ~ Review


Welcome to a magical world of spectacular adventure! If you didn't have the opportunity to watch this movie over the holidays, you should pick it now as you don't want to miss it! … [Read more...]