Mont Blue glass nail files {# Review}

I usually just use a disposable, sandpaper type file on my nails. I also have metal, reusable files, but I’ve always found the grit to be too heavy for fine shaping and they sometimes ripped at my nails.

I recently had the opportunity to review 2 glass nail files, {one with Swarovski crystals, the other in a plain color} from Design Glassware by Mont Blue.  Not only did I receive the files but they also sent along a really nice pair of earrings and tweezers, both hand decorated with Swarovski crystals.

This was the first time I have ever used a glass nail file.  I found both files to have a nice size grit but still be smooth on my nails for easy shaping and no tearing.  I was able to feel the crystals {which were super cute} on my fingers when holding the file, but they were not uncomfortable or in the way.  If you’re looking to actually file down a lot of excess nail you may want to use something with a heavier grit, but for shaping, these files are perfect!

I was also given a very pair of stainless steel eyebrow tweezers with Swarovski detailing.  I found them very comfortable to hold in my hand and the adorable crystal detail actually gives you a firmer grip with less chance of them slipping.  They were very precise and extracted the hairs with a minimum of discomfort and certainly made, what I’ve always found to be a rather painful process, much less so.

The earrings are so pretty and I’ll definitely be wearing them on my next dinner date!

Mont Bleu Ltd Company was founded in Prague and is one of the world leading suppliers of glass nail files. Their glass nail files are made of high quality Czech glass; they are decorated by patterns, or by Swarovski crystals.  They deliver their products all over the world, that is why clients from USA, Canada, Israel, CIS countries, Asia and from all over the EU are buying their great products.

Mont Blue has opened an Internet-shop which allows for online purchasing for both individuals and wholesale retailers.  Simply visit this link if you would like to buy your own glass nail files!

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