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Next Issue CanadaI have always had a bit of an addiction to magazines and often scour the newsstand for the release of a few of my favourites!  Do you sometimes find yourself doing this too?  Honestly, for a few reasons, I had recently cut back on my magazine obsession.  At $6.00 or $7.00 an issue and often much more,  it was becoming a bit of an expensive habit. There is the “green” factor too. I shudder to think of the trees that die each year so people like me, can read up on the latest news, gossip, fashion and decorating trends.  It really is an ecologically irresponsible habit and a major reason behind my recent decline in magazine purchases.  Also, there is the convenience factor.  I’m a bedtime reader, so those magazines cluttering my nightstand are often not read thoroughly as I am cognizant of my bedside light bothering my husband when he is trying to sleep.

I recently subscribed to Next Issue Canada and it has made my magazine reading habit less expensive, ecologically sound and super convenient.  No more scouring newsstands for my favourites and because I can read them on my tablet, I can take them with me wherever I go and read into the night without bothering my husband.

Next Issue CanadaSign up is very simple and you can read anywhere, anytime.  The Next Issue app is available for the most popular tablets and PCs. Apple iPad®, iPad Mini, and iPhone; Android™ tablets and Windows® 8 PCs and tablets.  I downloaded my plan to my Kobo Arc which is perfect for me!

You can choose from two plans:

  • Unlimited Basic – Over 100 magazines, $9.99 a month.

Get unlimited access to the most-read monthly magazines, including Consumer Reports, Chatelaine, Esquire, Men’s Fitness, Vanity Fair and many more.

  • Unlimited Premium – Over 115 magazines, $14.99 a month.

Get everything in the Basic plan plus unlimited access to popular weeklies including Hello! Canada, The New Yorker, Sports Illustrated, MacLean’s, Time and more.

I choose the Unlimited Premium option and it has made reading so much easier.  Take a look at just a small sample of what I have been reading lately.


Entertainment Weekly 

entertainment weekly

I read the 2013 year-end special outlining the year that was.  The best and worst in movies, television, music, books, stage and games.  Plus, the “Year in Covers”, “The Must List”, “Late Greats” and more!

Consumer Reports

consumer reports

The Hot List 2014 I loved having a look at the cheat sheet to all the top products. I checked out the Consumer Reports recommendations for home products, electronics, fitness products and automobiles.

Food Network Magazine

food network

 This magazine is definitely one of my main magazine addictions! I love everything about this holiday edition including the recipes, the 100 gift ideas for food lovers, Bobby Flay’s cafe-style Hamptons kitchen, party tips, weeknight cooking, holiday cooking…basically every page!

Hello Canada

Hello! Canada

 This month’s is a fabulous triple issue Special Holiday Edition.  Including a tribute story on Nelson Mandela, a look back at the headline making moments of 2013, Brad Pitt as he near 50 (is that possible??) and inside former guess model, Ashley Diana Morris’ wedding.



This is a double issue with a 2014: The Year Ahead feature, a moving tribute remembering Nelson Mandela,  Scotland’s march towards independence,  Ron MacLean on hockey, five athletes to watch at Sochi, Sci-Fi cures to watch and lots more.

I am really loving having access to more than 100 magazines at my fingertips and the ability to:

Create my own library – As you scroll the 100 titles in the Next Issue catalog, one tap adds your picks to your personal library. New issues of your selected magazines automatically appear in your library. Tap any cover to open that magazine or browse the back issues. Have a craving for that recipe in Bon Appétit a few months back? No problem, you know where to find it.

Enjoy digital-only bonus content – Many of the top magazines take the time to create exclusive extras for the digital edition. From video interviews in Wired, to the interactive maps in Condé Nast Traveler, you’ll soon see why magazines are even better when they’re on screen. Look for special behind-the-scenes peeks, like a photo shoot of a photo shoot. Interesting!

Navigate with ease – All of the titles in the Next Issue catalog share the same user-friendly navigation features. You can flip through pages for a cover-to-cover read or tap the screen to reveal a shortcut tool that lets you jump to a specific section or hop back to the table of contents. A quick way to contents is handy, isn’t it? That’s sometimes a hard page to find in print!

Lighten my load – At home or on the road, a virtual magazine collection means you can carry more and recycle less. Bonus: You’ll reduce the clutter on your coffee table and in your life. Catching a flight or hitting the road? It’s easy to download your favorite magazines for offline reading anywhere. Set up automatic download for titles on your always-read list so they’re guaranteed ready when you are.

Next-Issue-Logos_Horizontal Resized

Right now, Next Issue Canada is offering a FREE 30 DAY TRIAL with no commitment and you can cancel online at anytime.

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{Disclosure:  This is a sponsored post, however, all thoughts and opinions are those of Older Mommy Still Yummy}


  1. Neat idea! I love flipping through foodie magazines for inspiration

  2. Very cool! I love magazines so having them at my fingertips is perfect.

  3. I am in love with this service and will be going past my 30 days. I’m a magazine junkie! :) I love how easy it is to make your library and how you can fly through them!

  4. I am traditionally a magazine junkie. Why? Because I wrote for magazines and have for years so it’s research. I saw this on TV last night and thought ummm. Brilliant! I could use that. It’s an easy to remember name too. I love that. I will give this a try.

  5. I like Magazines but find them too expensive, so this is a good option.

  6. nice selection, love that you can get magazines via electronically – what a great idea!

  7. Both plans sound great and I love that they offer a free 30 day trial! I like that they let you create your own library too!

  8. I’m a magazine junkie too. Pinterest has somewhat curbed my magazine habit but I still love flipping through the pages and finding a recipe or a cool article. This subscription is so affordable and a great alternative to throwing the paper in the recycling bin each month!

  9. This is perfect! I love magazines, but don’t like having all that paper around to eventually throw away.

  10. SO great! I love magazines but am far too green to waste all of that paper.

  11. I love hello canada, but I never think to buy it. I would totally read this on my tablet!

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