How Did the Deer Guard Recipe Work? {Photos – One month later}

A few weeks ago I posted a recipe for a concoction called Deer Guard.  It is sprayed on your flowers and the theory is the deer don't like the taste/smell of it and won't eat your plants. How did it work?  See for yourself... … [Read more...]

I am Canadian…

I feel extremely fortunate and very proud to say "I am Canadian"!! Check out these two uniquely Canadian videos; the first is brand new and is the brainchild of Jodi at Rants Reviews and her 13 year old's a "must see".  And the second, well it's a classic that I like to watch each Canada Day!! … [Read more...]

About Me

I live in Atlantic Canada, have been married for many years to the most amazing man in the world and together we have two grown children.  I first had the idea to start a blog for "older moms" when I started noticing a lot of blogs were aimed toward moms with young children.   I applaud these and the help, companionship, information and support they provide and I still remember those days well.....well, most days I remember them well!   However, my kids are older and  some of the information I … [Read more...]

Red’s Round-the-World Extravaganza ~ Fundy National Park

Red's Round-the-World Extravaganza Fundy National Park, New Brunswick, Canada The Bay of Fundy Tides At Fundy National Park the difference between high and low tide can be as much as 12 metres. At the head of the bay, the tide can rise 16 metres, the height of a four-story building. Walking on the bottom of the bay is a favourite pastime of visitors. This is, of course, best done at low tide in the intertidal zone! At Alma Beach at the time of low tide, you can walk more than a … [Read more...]

The Stylish Blogger Award ~ A Wonderful Surprise!

{Feb 27, 2011} I'm so completely honoured; I was given the Stylish Blogger Award!!  A huge thank-you to Monica from "A Mother's Touch”, be sure to check out her amazing blog at, you won't be disappointed!!                                Stylish Blogger Award I am so honoured!  I've been selected by Kortney at, to again receive this award!  A big thank-you to Kortney for selecting my blog!!  Make sure … [Read more...]