Your Sore & Tired Feet Need Skechers with Memory Foam!


Let me tell you, after the winter to end all winters, I could barely wait for the snow to disappear and the temperature to warm up. We are finally seeing temperatures rise, flowers and trees bloom, hibernating animals crawling from their cozy dens and those smart birds that went south for the winter have returned. I can finally throw off my heavy boots and lace up my sneakers.  If you haven't tried a pair of Skechers Sneakers with Memory Foam, you don't know what you're missing! To thoroughly … [Read more...]

Blogger Opp ~ Don’t Buy It, Rent It Sweepstakes

College Cash Giveaway

  Don’t Buy It, Rent It Event   Organized by: Mom Powered Media Grand Prize: $500 Visa Gift Card + Five $100 Visa Gift Card Winners Event dates: 8/1 – 8/31 Giveaway is open to US and Canadian Residents. SIGN-UP HERE … [Read more...]

Join the #SUBWAYFreshSwap Twitter Party on May 21st!


Spring is in full swing, which (hopefully!) means sunshine and warm weather. We can shake off our stale winter routine (and that extra layer of clothing), in favour of lighter alternatives! Everywhere you look, you’ll see people getting outside more, being more active, and making fresher food choices. Habits that can be kept for life – simply by making easy swaps like biking to work instead of driving, opting for a green smoothie instead of a sugary bowl of cereal in the morning, and leaving … [Read more...]

I am in Love with my Dyson AM06 Desk Fan!

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Where I live, on the east coast of Canada, we have just emerged from the winter to end all winters!  We are finally seeing temperatures rising, flowers and trees are blooming, hibernating animals have crawled from their cozy dens and those smart birds (obviously smarter than me) that went south for the winter have returned. The downside to all of this spring warmth and the coming of summer is the often oppressive heat and humidity. I live only a few miles from the ocean and all of that water … [Read more...]

Cheddar Scones

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As most of you know, I love to bake. I can happily pass hour after hour thumbing through recipes and trying new creations.  Some of these creations turn out amazing and become regulars in the Parlee kitchen...others, well, not so amazing!  I recently did a Mother's Day post, and as part of the write up, tried a recipe for Cheddar Scones found on the PC®  website. These scones definitely belong in the amazing group.  Not only are the easy to make and contain ingredients you most likely have in … [Read more...]

This Mother’s Day ~ Treat Mom to Breakfast in Bed!

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I have the perfect gift idea for mom; it's not expensive and I guarantee every mom will love it. Breakfast in bed! Let's face it, any gift a mom receives from their child is always special and dear to their heart, but this is something a little different for your mom (or wife) this Mother's Day. A change from gardening tools, flowers or a book. This is also something the kids can help and be involved with and mom (and kids) will fondly remember it for years to come! “Breakfast in bed is the … [Read more...]

20 Clever Uses for Baking Soda!

Baking Soda

Baking soda (sodium bicarbonate),  helps regulate pH thereby keeping a substance neither too acidic nor too alkaline. When baking soda comes in contact with either an acidic or an alkaline substance, its effect is to neutralize that pH. The ability of baking soda to retard future changes in pH, this is known as buffering. The ability to neutralize, as well as buffer is why it can neutralize acidic odors, like in the cat's box and refrigerator as well as maintain neutral pH. Check out … [Read more...]

Can Dogs Suffer From Seasonal Allergies? ~ #ItchyPetSeeYourVet


The answer to the question, "Can dogs suffer from seasonal allergies?", is a resounding YES.  Just like their human friends, dogs (and cats too) often suffer from allergies.  They can be allergic to anything from dust mites to ragweed, sunflowers to moulds, maples to fleas and everything in between, including the very common seasonal allergies. For many of us, especially this year, spring cannot come soon enough.  It has been a VERY long winter! Although I am looking forward to being outside … [Read more...]

Registered Education Savings Plan (RESP) For Your Child’s Future {w/Giveaway}

Heritage Education Funds

  Registered Education Savings Plan (RESP) For Your Child’s Future   I think there is a wish all parents have in common.   That wish is for our children to live long and happy lives.  In order for this wish to come true, a few things need to fall into place.  Some of these, such as health, are somewhat out of our control.  Others such as a good education, is very much in our control. I firmly believe that one of the keys to happiness is a good educational foundation on … [Read more...]

The Pros of Protein ~ Is Your Family Getting Enough?

Pros of Protein

This post is part of the and the Maple Leaf Foods #FoodsThatFuel sponsored program. I received compensation as a thank-you for my participation. This post reflects my personal opinion about the information provided by the sponsors. Years ago, when I was a student nurse, I vividly recall having the following phrase, repeatedly drilled into my head: "Proteins are the building blocks of the body." That phrase has stuck with me and rightfully so. It is absolutely true. With the … [Read more...]

How to Make Granola Bars

How to Make Granola Bars

My family loves granola bars.  They are handy to grab,  whether adding one to your lunch bag, as a quick breakfast or as a midnight snack.  I do worry though, about what is actually in store bought bars.  I checked out a few boxes from our cupboard and found that some bars contained as many as thirty-seven ingredients!  Included in some, but not all bars, were such unpronounceables as: Sodium Carboxymethycellulose Tocopherols Acetylated Tartaric Acid Esters of Mono-and … [Read more...]