Team Up For Chicken #TeamCdnChicken ~ Contest & Twitter Party Details

Team-up-For-Chicken-Contest (1)

Here is an easy little math question for you. QUESTION ~ What does: Canadian Chicken Farmers + Team Up for Chicken contest + An awesome Twitter Party equal? ANSWER  = Chicken Farmers Great Canadian Chicken Challenge and a whole lot of FUN! Here are all the fab details: CONTEST DETAILS   The contest is taking place on the Canadian Chicken Facebook Fan page. Contest begins on April 24th, 2014 at 12:01 a.m. EST and ends on May 29th, 2014 at 11:59 p.m. EST. Vote for 1 of … [Read more...]

Breakfast in Bed ~ A Mother’s Day Round-Up


I have the perfect gift idea for mom; it’s not expensive and I guarantee every mom will love it. Breakfast in bed! Let’s face it, any gift a mom receives from their child is always special and dear to their heart, but this is something a little different for your mom (or wife) this Mother’s Day. A change from gardening tools, flowers or a book. This is also something the kids can help and be involved with and mom (and kids) will fondly remember it for years to come! Here are some great … [Read more...]

Look Good Feel Better Twitter Party supporting #SDMBEAUTYGALA


We hope you will join this online Twitter party to help spread the word about the Look Good Feel Better cancer support program and to celebrate the Shoppers Drug Mart Beauty Galas hosted at select locations nationwide on May 2, 2015. Funds raised at SDM locations in the Prairies and Atlantic Canada will benefit Look Good Feel Better! Twitter Party Details Date: Wednesday April 29, 2015 Time: 9:00 pm EST Host: @LGFBcanada Hashtag: #SDMBEAUTYGALA Prizing: 5 (five) $100 Shoppers Drug Mart … [Read more...]

Cranberry Orange Muffins


I think by now you are all aware of my obsession with muffins. Honestly, I think I could live on muffins alone! That reminds me of something. I remember working as a nurse on some of the hospital units and physicians would occasionally admit patients, usually women, under the diagnosis of "Tea and Toast Syndrome". What usually happened was, these wee women were living on their own. They didn't have the will or inclination to go to the bother of preparing a nutritious meal, just for … [Read more...]

Canadian Beef Twitter Party April 30/15 #CDNbeefchat

Canadian Beef Twitter Party

Save the date! This is the first in a series of new monthly chats that focuses on promoting Canadian Beef and supporting Canadian Beef Farmers and Ranchers. After a very long winter, spring is finally in sight!  With spring comes all the fun activities like gardening, camping, travel, family get togethers, and of course barbecuing! I know most of you can barbecue all year-long, but here on the east coast, for many of us, it is a seasonal activity…especially this year! We are so excited to … [Read more...]

How to Safely and Easily Clean Those Grimy Oven Racks

How to Safely and Easily Clean Those Grimy Oven Racks

Here on Canada's east coast, we have just endured a winter of epic proportions. I think I can safely say, I hope I am not jinxing myself, that spring is finally poking its head out from beneath a blanket of snow. Even though the snow is still evident, the temperatures are gradually rising and we have finally been able to open the windows for a breath of fresh air. The first thing on my spring cleaning list is our oven. It is a disaster! Sounds easy enough, right?  Remove the racks, set the … [Read more...]

Thinking of Buying a Home? Join the #RBCFirstHome Twitter Chat 4/21/2015


Purchasing a home can be one of the scariest and most expensive decisions you will ever make. You definitely will want to do your research and go into this exciting phase in your life armed with all the information you need. Have questions? Submit them to the experts during the #RBCFirstHome Twitter Chat. DETAILS: WHEN - April 21st @ 8:30PM ET WHERE -  Visit Twitter and tweet using the hashtag #RBCFirstHome HOST – Be sure to follow our host @RBC_Canada PRIZING – Chat … [Read more...]

PEI Mussels in Creamy White Wine Sauce

PEI Mussels

A couple of evenings ago we had unexpected guests drop in for a visit. Does this every happen to you? Anyway, as I was hanging up coats, I was searching my brain, trying to think of something we could have with a glass of wine. Then I remembered that in the freezer, I had a loaf of PC® artisan bread as well as a box of President's Choice® PEI Mussels in Creamy White Wine Sauce. Problem solved! I grabbed the bread and mussels from the freezer and headed to the kitchen as my hubby poured us … [Read more...]

Reverse Chocolate Chip Cookies


If you are looking to shake up your usual chocolate chip cookie recipe, here is a simple little switch.  All I did was take my recipe for Pudding Chocolate Chip Cookies and substituted the vanilla pudding with chocolate pudding and the semi-sweet chocolate chips with white chocolate chips. I have made some version or another of this recipe since I was 12 or 13. They are easy to make, moist, chewy and unbelievably delicious.  Coincidentally, or probably not so coincidentally…as they both came … [Read more...]

No Bullying Here ~ #RedDotSafeSpot


There is absolutely no excuse for bullying. This behaviour is totally unacceptable and it needs to stop and be stopped. No excuses, there should always be a zero tolerance for any bullying. It is NOT alright to punch, hit or in any other way physically hurt another person. It is NOT alright to maliciously "tease" anyone. It is NOT alright to spread bad rumours about people. It is NOT alright to intentionally exclude certain people from a group. The hard truth about … [Read more...]

The Greatest Flavour on Earth is the Taste of Home {w/Recipe}

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Until he retired, I never knew my dad loved to cook.  I was in high school at the time and I remember he used to make the most fabulous meals. He even made his own mayonnaise; which back then, at least in my circles, was pretty much unheard of! I can still vividly recall coming home from school to the most wonderful aroma of chicken or beef roasting and his famous molasses cookies cooling on racks...YUM! Isn't it amazing how aromas have the ability to transport you back in time?  Whenever … [Read more...]

~ CLOSED ~ It’s Easy to #GreenYourRoutine {w/$125 Green Prize Pkg Giveaway}


Worried about your impact on the environment?  Do you want to #GreenYourRoutine ?  It's not as difficult as you may think.  Lindsay at Maman Loup's Den wants to help girls and women to #GreenYourRoutine .  To find out how easily you can green your routine, check out  Maman Loup's Den full post! Don't forget to enter the giveaway below for your chance to win a Green Your Routine Prize Pack valued at more than $125.00! The $127 CAD Green Routine Prize Pack consists of:  - Two (2) … [Read more...]

~ CLOSED ~ Facts and Benefits of Kefir {w/$50.00 GC Giveaway}


I LOVE yogurt and eat it almost everyday.  Most of us are familiar with yogurt and it's benefits; but are you acquainted with the benefits of kefir?  Do you know what kefir is? Until recently, I did not have much knowledge of kefir.  I had heard of it, knew it was a  yogurt like drink, but that was about it. So, I have done a bit of research and this is what I have found: Kefir is a fermented milk drink made with kefir "grains" (a yeast/bacterial fermentation starter). Originating … [Read more...]

Introducing The Roundup #CanadianBeefApp {w/Twitter Party Alert}

The Roundup

After a very long winter...I can finally feel spring in the air!  With spring comes all the fun activities like gardening, camping, travel, family get togethers, and of course barbecuing! I know most of you can barbecue all year-long, but here on the east coast, for many of us, it is a seasonal activity...especially this year! For Father's Day, our daughter always gives her dad the biggest, juiciest T-bone steak she can find!  It is often our first "official" barbecue of the year and it … [Read more...]