Confetti Squares ~ Recipe

Confetti Squares

A good friend of mine used to make these squares often and I have always liked them. She gave me her recipe and I would often make them when my kids were younger.  Coloured marshmallows + butterscotch chips + peanut butter = happy kids! They are definitely not difficult to make.  Just a little melting of butter, peanut butter and the chips, then letting the mixture cool a bit. Stir in marshmallows, put them in a pan, toss in fridge and you are done! I let the butters/chip mixture cool … [Read more...]

Locals Buy & Sell Here ~ #FirstCrush


Ahhhh...the "good old days".  Do you find yourself sometimes longing for an era that is now just a memory?  Maybe back when you were a child? Long before spouses, kids, the daily work grind, hockey, ballet classes, kid's homework and "what's for dinner?" At one time or another, I think we all do.  Back then, life was simple. All you needed to worry about was what to wear to the school dance and who was dating whom. Was there a movie you watched repeatedly on a (now ancient) VHS tape? There … [Read more...]

Join the #NoHairSelfie Movement in Support of Cancer Research


Did you know that in 2012, an estimated 14.1 million new cases of cancer occurred worldwide? That is a staggering number! That’s why today I'm sharing information with you on the Princess Margaret Cancer Centre’s #NoHairSelfie movement which is happening on February 4, 2015 – World Cancer Day. I can pretty well guarantee that there is not one person in North America that hasn't been touched by cancer in one way or another. I know I have.  My sister battled breast cancer and won, I … [Read more...]

A Toonie Is All It Takes To Fill A Hungry Tummy #Toonies4Tummies


Most of us would find it difficult to fathom, but can you imagine the heartbreak of having no food for your child's breakfast and sending them off to school hungry? Does that seem like only a third world problem?  It is not. It is also a first world problem.  In Canada, 1 in 6 children start the school day on an empty stomach due to a lack of access to nutritious foods. Can you imagine being a little child and going to school hungry? Day after day trying to concentrate on school work when … [Read more...]

Should You Be Fined for Texting While Walking?

Distracted texting

{Photo attribution: Ed Yourdon/JohnnyMrNinja (CC)} You are out for a walk and receive a text.  You continue walking while responding. Is that a crime?  Should you be fined for texting while walking? Hopefully, we are all aware of the dangers associated with texting and driving, but increasingly the hazards of texting and walking are becoming known. We've all seen people walking down a busy street, heads down and fingers moving over the keyboard or scrolling through their emails.  They … [Read more...]

Recipe for the Most Amazing Loaded Baked Potato Soup

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The first time I had Loaded Baked Potato Soup was this past summer; I immediately fell in love with its hearty deliciousness. I have experimented with trying to replicate it ever since that delightful day! Although I first had this soup in the summer, it would be the perfect comfort food on a cold winter's night. Trust me when I tell you this soup is a meal in itself; no need for a sandwich!  The soup is thick, creamy, filling, full of flavour and really does taste like a loaded baked … [Read more...]

Thinking of Buying a Home? Join the #RBCFirstHome Twitter Chat 1/20/2014

1. First Home_JAN15_3_TW

Purchasing a home is one of the scariest and most expensive decisions you will ever make.  You will want to do your research and go into this exciting phase in your life armed with all the information you need. Have questions? Submit them to the experts during the #RBCFirstHome Twitter Chat. DETAILS: WHEN - January 20th from 8:30 - 9:30pm ET WHERE -  Visit Twitter and tweet using the hashtag #RBCFirstHome HOST - Be sure to follow our host @RBC_Canada PRIZING - Chat participants have a … [Read more...]

A Dozen Awesome Uses for Your Old Egg Cartons

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  Most everyone uses eggs.  We boil, scramble and poach them.  We make sandwiches, quiche and omelets.  We use them in cookies, squares, breads, pies and more. Depending on the size of your family, most of us could easily go through a carton or two of eggs a week. But what do we do with all of those left over egg cartons? Whatever you do, don't throw the carton away. It still has a long life and a variety of uses. {The exception being if an egg has cracked in the carton. If that … [Read more...]

Informative #TargetPharmacyCA Twitter Chat ~ Special Guest


Cold and Flu season is in high gear! You won't want to miss this #TargetPharmacyCA Twitter Chat! Stephen the Target Pharmacist will be on hand to answer any of your questions! When: Thursday, January 15, 2015 12:00pm – 12:30pm E Hosts: @TargetCanada @ShesConnected Special Guest: Stephen the Target Pharmacist Moderators: @SimplyStacieNet @LilMissKateCo @OlderMommyStill @AMotherhoodBlog @MommyKatAndKids Hashtag: #TargetPharmacyCA Rules & Regs: No RSVP required. Canada Only. {Not Open to … [Read more...]

How to Make Nanaimo Bars {Recipe}

Nanaimo Bars

For those of you unfamiliar with Nanaimo Bars, you don't know what you are missing! These little cubes of deliciousness are a no bake square with a Canadian origin and named after the west coast city of Nanaimo, British Columbia.  Every self-respecting Canadian baker has a recipe for these amazing squares in their repertoire. They consist of a chocolate crumb-based layer topped by a layer of custard flavoured butter icing and then the entire works is slathered with melted chocolate. How could … [Read more...]

Top 20 Recipes of 2014


This is the time of year, that many of us take the opportunity, to look back on our accomplishments and missteps from the past year.  I think doing this can be very therapeutic; we learn and grow from our past experiences. Bloggers like to do this too. It is fun for us to take a look at our blogging statistics from the previous year and take note of posts that have been popular or not so popular.  Among other things, it is a great way to gauge reader interests and hopefully make your … [Read more...]

10 Sensational Reads for 2015

10 Sensational Reads for 2015

I am by no means a literary expert, but I do love to read.  Over the past several years I have read many, many, many books and although only based on my likes, I thought it would be fun to give you a list of my top 10 from the last five or so years. When I started going through the books, I soon discovered this was going to be no easy task.  There was something about almost every book that I liked. There were a couple I didn't care for and for a variety of reasons, there were many of these … [Read more...]

2014 Traffic Report {w/Linky}

2014 Traffic Report

I posted my first "traffic report" in 2012. I noticed several other blogs had posted their's, so being a very inquisitive person I had to find out what my stats were too. It is super interesting to see all of the yearly stats, discover where my traffic is originating, what sites are referring traffic, what blogs are referring traffic and of course, top blog posts and top recipe posts for the past year. I followed the format of some of the other blogs and then customized it a bit to make it my … [Read more...]

~ CLOSED ~ Pets like Presents Too! {w/$200 PC® Prize Pkg For One Lucky Dog}

Pets like Presents Too

This holiday season when you are out shopping for all the important people in your life, don’t forget that pets like presents too! At our home, we don't want Santa to forget our sweet little pets, so we always leave a note reminding Santa to put a little something under the tree for our four-legged friends! If you would like to pick up a little something for your canine family member, here is some inspiration. Check out these two baskets of goodies that the kind people at Atlantic … [Read more...]