~ CLOSED ~ “Underwater Odyssey” by Krista M. Dunlop {Review & Giveaway}

I recently received a copy of, Underwater Odyssey - Sick & Injured Marine Animals Tell Their Stories by Krista Dunlop.   This book certainly fell into the right hands,  my family and I are huge lover's of all creatures large and small, land or sea and it breaks our hearts to see any living thing stressed or not thriving.  No, we don't kill spiders, we don't fish or hunt and we even shoo flies out the door. … [Read more...]

Laptop vs Desktop: Who wins? {#LivingGreen}

Even though we are still in the first week of August, for many families, back to school shopping is already well under way and at the top of many lists is a new computer. When you purchase your next computer, consider buying a laptop -  … [Read more...]

Don’t throw it out, recycle your dehumidifier water! {#LivingGreen}

Tip # 55 Recycle collected dehumidifier water! … [Read more...]

LIVING GREEN – Save water by setting up a self-irrigation system in your container plants

Tip # 54 Make a simple self-irrigating water system Are you like me and keep forgetting to water your container vegetables, herbs and flowers?   I also hate when the water runs over the top and out the bottom...what a waste of water!  Well, I found this simple solution online at Earth911.com.  It's a simple to set up, self irrigation system that will save you time and water. … [Read more...]

Make some popsicle stick garden markers {LIVING GREEN -Tips}


Tip # 53 Make some popsicle stick garden markers! The hot, humid days of summer mean we're all eating icy treats to help stay cool.   You could definitely compost those wooden sticks, but better still, why not save those sticks for reuse in your garden and then compost them down the road.  … [Read more...]

Toilet Tissue rolls for your garden? {LIVING GREEN – Tips}


#52 Toilet Tissue rolls for your garden? … [Read more...]

LIVING GREEN – Tip # 50: David Suzuki Father’s Day E-cards!


Tip # 50 Father's Day E-card Send your Dad or father figure an e-card from the David Suzuki Foundation to show you care about him and the planet. So much better than a tie or golf balls. This is just one of several cards available, have a look and find one that is perfect for you and your family! … [Read more...]

LIVING GREEN – Tip # 49 ~ When life gives you lemons, make “furniture polish”?? ~

Photo credit - flourishmag.com

Photo credit - flourishmag.com I found a great article at Green Living Tips, outlining 24 Uses for Lemons.  I've included a few of them below;  be sure to read the complete article for even more great uses for lemons! … [Read more...]

LIVING GREEN – World Environment Day is June 5th {Green Economy: Does it include YOU?}


Green Economy: Does it include YOU? The 2012 theme for World Environment Day is Green Economy: Does it include you?There are two parts to this theme and the first tackles the subject of the Green Economy. … [Read more...]

LIVING GREEN – One Tip at a Time { #47 Saving water in the garden}

It's wonderful to have a garden and add a splash of green in an urban environment; but our gardens tend to consume massive amounts of water; something that's becoming an increasingly scarce resource in many parts of the world. Here are some tips for reducing your garden watering footprint - … [Read more...]

~ Living Green ~ Earth Month kids’ campaign {Fabulous Sony prizes available to be won!}

Earth Day Canada’s EcoKids program is proud to launch a new Earth Month kids’ campaign called Act for the Planet!  … [Read more...]

Living Green – One Tip at a Time


Tip # 45 … [Read more...]

Living Green, One Tip at a Time


Why should we care about a little thing like plastic bags? … [Read more...]

~ CLOSED ~ “La Bella Stella,” the fifth in the “Celebrate Earth” series of CDs ~ Review & Giveaway ~


This review and giveaway was made for me!  I have a huge interest in, and a great love for music and I am also passionate about our planets sustainability and a really big proponent of Earth Day.  For me the, La Bella Stella - Celebrate Earth Music Series,  is a match made in heaven. … [Read more...]