My 4th Biannual Blogathon Bash ~ Goals

blogathonI am very excited to be participating in this, my fourth Biannual Blogathon Bash.  The Blogathon Bash is a twice yearly event designed for bloggers to set aside a block of time and get some much-needed housekeeping chores completed.

The event is taking place this weekend {June 21st – 24th} and will run for 72 hours.{8am Friday to 8am Monday EST}

I think I’m almost set to go, this is what I have been working on in preparation for the blogathon:

  • Make a “to do” list √
  • Brew multiple pots of coffee √
  • Have some high energy snacks available √
  • Block out some extra time to get my blog organized √
  • Store up some extra sleep 

This is what I have on my “to do” list:

1.)  I have one major task and it is a monster…go through all 1,004 posts and check them all.  I want to:

  • Up the SEO quality of each post.
  • Check all photos and re-size and update images as necessary (I am pretty sure I will need to re-size almost all my photos)
  • Check for broken links
  • Re-categorize posts as necessary. I have way too many categories and I need to whittle them down to only 8 – 10.  {Honestly, I am embarrassed to tell you this, but I don’t even have my categories linked to my tab titles.  I have no idea how to even accomplish that…perhaps a good task for the next Blogathon or it may be worth hiring someone to do that for me.

2.) Complete a few “mini-challenges”.

3.) Visit my fellow Blogathon participants.

4.) Participate in at least one, hopefully, two of the Twitter Parties

To me,  this “to do list” seems to be very ambitious, however, I will be very pleased if I just take a big chunk out of the list.

The event is 72 hours, you do as much blogging as you can during this time. Aim for 24 hours total but the hours are flexible!

There will be “Mini-Challenges” (fun, easy projects that will better your blog), Twitter parties and some great prizes to be won.

If you want to learn more about the event or sign up, visit the Biannual Blogathon Bash.

I hope to see you there and if you’re participating, drop by and say “hi”.



  1. So this is for cleaning up your own blog, not actual housekeeping in your house? I wish I’d known and I would’ve participated but I did my cleanup before A-Z, although I didn'[t resize photos, etc. I did delete some posts from the way past.

    • JoJo, you can still participate if you like, there are 30 “mini challenges” with a ton of information, twitter parties and a lot of fabulous prizes! If you are interested it is not too late to sign up, here is the link –

      I hope to see you there ; )

  2. I feel like my to do list is ambitious as well, and organizing the tabs is on mine too! Here is hoping we get lots done in the next 72 (-) hours! Good luck and good coffee..oh, yeah, I didn’t do too well on the ramping up on sleep thing either!

    Elizabeth T, Early Rise

    • Elizabeth, the tab thing will probably take me the entire 72 hours to figure out! We can just pick our way through each task, slowly but surely…anything we get done is a bonus right! I’ll be by to visit your blog soon!

  3. Hi Monica,

    Thank you for visiting my blog.

  4. I need to add the coffee and high energy snacks to my list too! :) I want to re-categorize my post too, but just the sheer amount of posts I need to weed through overwhelms me! Note to self… Add suggestion to WordPress to create a better way to categorize multiple posts to your list. lol Good luck!

    • I know how you feel…I haven’t actually started my to do list yet and it is 3 hours into the blogathon…I fear I am procrastinating big time…lol!!

  5. I love the tone of your writing voice. I feel like we are drinking coffee together, both tapping away at the keyboard and studying the mini-challenges and ofcourse, TAKING ACTION! I am actually keeping track of what tasks I am doing as a way to set up a blog calendar that is based in reality, not my fantasy about what I wish was true!

    I’m on my first cup of coffee… and I have a goal of commenting on/networking with other blogathoners – so glad that group includes you!

    Happy High Fives!

    • Thanks Julie, that is sweet of you to say. I visited your blog a short time ago and wrote the equivalent of a short story in your comment box…lol. I love the networking and connecting aspects also, one of my favourite things about the Blogathon…especially this one as I seem to be getting nothing blog related accomplished…oh well, c’est la vie!

  6. Nice list! I would very much be interested in knowing what you plan to do to improve the SEO quality of your posts. SEO is something I’m constantly struggling with.


    • In response to your SEO question I am definitely by no means an expert on the subject but I have installed the “WordPress SEO” plugin which I find to be immensely helpful and I have also just started to play around with Google AdWords to insert some key words in my posts. If you are on WP you might try the plugin and AdWords seems helpful too.

      • http://a%20href='/general/blogathon-kick-off-post/'%20rel='external%20nofollow'%20class='url'Book%20Wookie/a says

        Yes, I already have that plugin installed. I struggle finding the right keywords though. When you say Google Adwords, do you mean their Keyword Tool? I use that with every post but still haven’t found the secret to finding relevant, low-competition keywords.

        • Yes, that is what I mean. I have not found the secret either, I have just been trying to use some low-competition words.

  7. Hello, and it is a pleasure to meet you. This is my second time in the event. I wish you the best with your list. If you have time stop by and say hi and join the linky I set up so I can remain in touch with you.

    • Hi Glenda, nice to meet you also! I just visited your blog and left a comment and also linked up, that is a great idea!
      Hope you are having a fun time!

  8. Thank you for stopping by my blog today! Yes, and all this SEO optimization stuff, is beginning to sound like Charlie Brown’s mom when they are on the phone (WONKY)!! :)

    I did get one task done—my editorial calendar schedule for the month (YIPEE)! Only 9 billion more things “to do”!! I wish you well and keep your head up (or you might hit it on the computer keyboard)! ;)

    • lol…know I am going to be hearing that Charlie Brown sound in my head all day. I haven’t accomplished much on my blog to do list, but I am meeting new people and having a lot of fun!
      Hope you are enjoying the Blogathon and if you figure out the SEO thing…let me know!

      • LMBO! Do not get discouraged—One of the other Blogathon participants suggested that I use the plugin WordPress by Yoast for SEO opitimization, which I will try. I am still confused by SEO, so I might just have to by a book on the topic. I only accomplished two things so far on my blog list, however, I connected with some very cool bloggers (yourself included)! I will be adding your blog to my blogroll, once I figure out that WordPress plugin (YIKES)! I wish you great success and just keep blogging! :)

        • Thanks Shonda, you have definitely made me feel better and together WE WILL conquer the SEO beast! {Buying a book is a great idea, may have to look into that too} Let’s keep in touch :)

  9. Hey there, I might not have time for it this weekend but contact me about your tabs/categories issue and I *might* be able to help you figure it out. :)

    • Thanks Cyn, that is so nice of you! Hope you are enjoying the Blogathon and accomplishing a lot of tasks. I am slowly working my way through the list of participants and will be visiting you soon.

  10. Hi Monica

    How are you getting on with your tasks? Hope you’re getting loads done. Have your heard of You might be able to get some stuff done there. I’m considering getting someone to sort out my images as they’re way too big. I’ve used them for other stuff very successfully.

    Will look out for you on Twitter. Have fun!


    • Thanks so much Gillian, I have heard of but have never checked them out. Thanks for the recommendation I’m going there now. I’ll look out for you on twitter and i am heading over to your blog now. Hope you are enjoying the Blogathon and having lots of fun!

  11. My to-do list seems daunting as well. I am still learning about SEO (one of my tasks), and one of my goals is to metatag all of my past posts. I suck at that. I am also making the effort to connect with my fellow bloggers. This is my first time doing anything like this and it’s kinda fun and forcing me to be productive. I loved the Twitter party last night and the blog challenges are excellent. I’d love to connect with you. You can check out my to-do list at You can also connect with me at

    Good luck this weekend! I hope you take a huge chunk out of your goals. :)

    • Hi Tiffany, well, you are way ahead of me I am just in the very inital stages of learning about SEO and I do not know what metatags are…oh dear…so much to learn! I missed last nights Twitter party but I made it to the one earlier in the day. I too love meeting new people and visiting their blogs…it is amazing to see all of the creativity out there! Put on some coffee Tiffany, I’m heading over now to visit you ;)

      • There is sooooo much to learn. I am actually enrolled in a course right now that is all about SEO. Feel free to message me on Facebook and I can send you what I have. :)

  12. I am in the middle, well probably closer to the beginning of going back and checking all of my old posts for SEO. It is a BIG job! Good luck

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