Taking "Ten Amazing Foods" one step further!!

I’m on a bit of a recipe kick right now, so for the next ten Wednesdays I’ll give you a healthy recipe,  one for each of the “10 Amazing Foods” from last weeks post.

The first on my list of amazing foods was berries and the recipe to go with it is:

(Berries) –  Berrylicious Smoothie

1/2 cup skim milk
1 cup low or non-fat yogurt
2 cups frozen berries * (any type or mix a few together)

Put all ingredients in a blender and blend until smooth.
*(If using fresh fruit toss in 3 or 4 ice cubes)


  1. I love new recipes so keep them coming :)

  2. Yum!

  3. Bob Sanchez says:

    Hi! Thanks for visiting my blog. I just followed yours.

  4. Looks yummy and easy, too! Thanks for posting!

  5. Bethe77 says:

    What a yummy treat. Im not much of a cook but I could do this one with no problem.
    Thank you for comeing by my blog.

  6. Angela Felsted says:

    This smoothy looks divine. Now I'm hungry.

  7. Brianna says:

    Now this I can make! In fact, it looked and sounded so delicious I made one for breakfast with frozen strawberries! Cheers!

  8. New recipes are always great! I love smoothies, mmmmm.

  9. Holly Ruggiero says:

    New recipes are great and its good timing for healthy too. Spring has a way of doing that.

  10. I love a smoothie for my breakfast in the mornings. But I hate milk…No really milk makes me gag! So my morning Smoothie is made with a cup of organic mango juice. Yum!

  11. Thisisme. says:

    I shall be making this smoothie and, knowing that it is so good for me, will make it taste even better!

  12. Retired Knitter says:

    Wow love the look of your blog. Thanks for visiting mine. Yes, we will have fun.

    Retired knitter

  13. i.ikeda says:

    That looks so yummy! And I love your blog, so much interesting information.

    Thank you for the follow on my blog!

  14. Thomasina says:

    I'm def going to make this. It looks delicious!

  15. Oh Monica – that looks sooooooo yummy.

    Thanks for posting on my blog. I'll be following you as well.


  16. Adam King says:

    That sounds like it tastes great

  17. Mercy a.k.a Rogue says:

    Great idea! I look forward to more superfood recipes. Thanks for stopping by Mercy's World and becomming a follower. I have gladly done the same for you.

  18. Elizabeth McKenzie says:

    Yummy and non-fattening.

  19. Marie Rearden says:

    Yum! With the sun shining and the summer creeping forward, I am so into berries right now. Thanks for sharing!

    Marie at the Cheetah

  20. Patricia says:

    I love it… now I can drink my daily serving of fruit…. cool and delicious.

  21. nutschell says:

    Hey Monica!
    Thanks for following my blog. I have to say I want one of these right now. It's a bit warm in the office today!

  22. Bella @Bellgetsreal says:

    Looks completely yummy and so easy. When the sun is out all I want to have is a nice cool drink (sometimes for dinner)

  23. Looks awesome. I love smoothies! It gets so hot here (Sacramento, CA) in the summer that they really hit the spot, and since summer seems inclined to come early this year this recipe looks like a good one to try!

    Thanks for your comment on my blog earlier – I'm enjoying yours a lot and added you to my google reader – I look forward to seeing more!

  24. KatheeJantzi says:

    Thanks for visiting quillorpill.blogspot.com – your blog is awesome and making me super hungry!!

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