Even I have my limits!!

Anyone who knows me, even a little, will attest to how much I love my cats.  They run our household and are way beyond spoiled.

However, even I have my limits, especially when it comes to my coffee.  I’m very protective of my coffee and drink several cups a day!

Well, today I was puttering around the house and catching up on some weekly chores. 
I sat my coffee on the island while I went down to put on a load of laundry, came back up stairs and…you guessed it…my 12 year old cat was up on the island… (an offence in itself)… and merrily DRINKING MY COFFEE! 


After I chased her down from the island and dumped out my coffee, I started thinking….

  • I wander how many years this has been going on?
  • How many cups of coffee I have unknowingly …shared??…with her?

This explains so much….

  • Why she sometimes races through the house like she’s being chased by a chariot full of devils…too much coffee!
  • Why she jumps up the door frames, often nearly reaching the top…too much coffee!
  • Why she’s up all night, roaming around the house…too much coffee!

I guess if I don’t want to share my java…which by the way I drink black, so she wasn’t after any cream or sugar… with my little feline friend, I’ll have to keep it in a travel mug and carry it with me at all times!!



  1. Mystery solved! I hope you soon see a calm and Zen-like cat!

  2. Donna OShaughnessy says:

    Or better yet. Poor her a cup in the morning , leave it on the floor and go about your business

  3. I agree with Donna, get her her own "coffee mug" and share your java!!!( perhaps mildly diluted!)

  4. Raquel Byrnes says:

    LOL! So glad I'm not the only unwitting 'sharer' in the world. :)
    Edge of Your Seat Romance

  5. Ha – made me laugh. Thanks for the morning chuckle!

  6. That's just too funny!!!

  7. Teena in Toronto says:

    Our kitties run our house!

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