In My Mother’s Kitchen by Trish Magwood

In My Mother's Kitchen

I could easily live with only one television channel, the Food Network, anyone who knows me even a little can attest to my great love of recipes, cooking, baking, and entertaining.   I love talking about these things, as well as comparing recipes and cooking techniques. I’m always surrounded by cookbooks and read them like most people would read a novel!

Just in case you’re not familiar with her, Trish Magwood has years of experience as a successful food entrepreneur, business owner, teacher, chef and media personality. She has revolutionized the notion of a food experience through her creative service company, dish cooking studio. She built and created dish as a school for scheduled and corporate cooking classes, a full-service catering company, a boutique kitchen store, and a gourmet café. In May 2009, after 10 years, Trish sold dish cooking studio.

Trish also created and hosted party dish [I love this show!!] – (Food Network CanadaSliceFine Living US) an entertaining and lifestyle television show sharing her passion for food and entertaining. Party dish is a half hour hosted television series that shows urban food enthusiasts how to plan and execute dinner parties, effortlessly and elegantly – empowering them to brilliantly entertain with good food. Trish’s role on party dish is the same role she has at dish – a generalist and connector who creates innovative culinary experiences. party dish aired on Food Network CanadaFine Living US and in over 35 countries worldwide.

Trish’s first cookbook –In My Mother's Kitchen award-winning dish entertains (Harper Collins), shares menus, ‘best of’ recipes and tips for everyday simple to special occasion events. It is also now available in the US. The National Post votes ‘this beautiful book wins the best looking Canadian book this season’ and Hello magazine calls it ‘a very approachable book… with recipes simple and delicious, this lushly photographed book brings memorable party fare within reach of even the busiest cook.’  dish entertains won the prestigious James Beard Award in 2008 for entertaining and also received 2008 World Gourmand Award and Cuisine Canada Award, Silver Medal in Cookbooks, entertaining and Cuisine Canada Award, Silver Medal. In spring, 2009, Trish received the designation of Fellow of the Ontario Hostelry Institute in recognition of her professional achievements.

Trish has written, this, her second cookbook, In My Mother’s Kitchen,  with 3 generations of delicious simple family food sharing recipes and tips for busy modern cooks. Available at bookstores across Canada, it became Heather’s Pick at Indigo in it’s first week and was on The Globe & Mail best seller list in its first month.  In My Mother’s Kitchen, is now available as an app in iTunes.

As you read this book you’ll begin to feel like part of Trish’s family as you look at old photographs and read her many memories related to growing up in the hub of her family’s home,  her mother’s kitchen.

You’ll gain tidbits of information about her grandmothers, Dodie, and Bo and also Trish’s memories of the family sharing Sunday and special occasion dinners in those kitchens.

In this book, Trish says she has, “tried to bring tradition and old family recipes into the present day to help all of us, in the context of our busy lives, figure out how to enjoy a good meal” together.

She has definitely succeeded,  I have tried many, many of the recipes in this book, and without exception, have LOVED them all!  Here is a sample of just some of the recipes I made from,  In My Mother’s Kitchen:

Cornmeal Jammy Muffins

In My Mother's KitchenWe had some of these with the jam for breakfast and without with dinner!

Sweet Potato Soup

In My Mother's Kitchen

This soup was delicious, nutritious and super simple to make.

Best Ever Cottage Chocolate Chip Cookies

In My Mother's Kitchen Trust me, these chewy and yummy cookies are not just for the cottage, and they won’t last long!

Stovetop Pot Roast and Noodles a la Lee

In My Mother's Kitchen

For some reason, I had never been able to conquer a pot roast…until now!!  This was so easy and the most delicious, fork tender roast I have ever made!

Mom’s Saucy Apple Cake

In My Mother's Kitchen

Wow…this is one of the best things I have ever eaten…you have to try this recipe!!

Whether you are a seasoned pro or just starting out in the kitchen,  I strongly urge you to consider purchasing In My Mother’s Kitchen by Trish Magwood, you won’t be disappointed!



  1. Ha,ha…now I know why we haven’t heard from you in awhile…you’ve been cooking up a storm with the new cookbook!!!
    That saucy apple cake looks so delicious!!! I also love your photos and staging!!! Great job!!

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