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Tip # 43

 Maintain your vehicle


Keeping your vehicle in top shape will save fuel and help the environment.

  • Keep tires inflated: Just one tire under inflated by six psi can increase fuel consumption by three per cent and wear up to 40 per cent faster.
  • Replace the plastic cap on the tire’s air valve with a steel cap, which seals much better than the standard issue cap. This is the best tool to keep your tires inflated and generally costs less than one dollar.
  • Align tires: A misaligned tire will use around two per cent more fuel and cause premature tire wear.
  • Use appropriate fuel: Read your owner’s manual before heading to the pumps and use the recommended type of fuel. Using supreme or premium fuels in cars designed for regular fuel is paying a premium price for something that will not work as well. It is a waste of money and fuel, could hurt the engine, and will harm the environment.
  • Keep tank full in winter: Keeping your gas tank full can end up saving you big. When the gas tank isn’t full, the moist air in the gas tank condenses against the inside wall of the tank. This water affects the quality of the fuel, causing starting problems, fuel not being burned efficiently, engine misfiring, and adding strain to the engine.
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