~ CLOSED ~ Rafflecopter Launch Party Giveaway: You could win an iPad & a Kindle Fire

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Rafflecopter makes the whole process of running giveaways on a blog really, really easy. Over 80,000 giveaways have been created with Rafflecopter, and if you didn’t know yet, there’s a new version in town.  Oh yeah, and it’s free!
If you haven’t used Rafflecopter, sign up and launch a giveaway in a matter of minutes.
If you’re a Rafflecopter veteran, check out several of the recent blog posts, including 6 Tips for Rafflecopter’s New Widget‘, and ‘Rafflecopter Q&A: Facebook vs. Email Login‘.
I LOVE Rafflecopter!!  It makes it super easy to host a giveaway and even easier to enter a giveaway…yes, I like to enter great giveaways too!! 
To bring in the New Year and celebrate the launch of the new Rafflecopter widget, Rafflecopter is launching a referral giveaway: 
The winner of the giveaway will receive a 16GB Apple iPad2 and the referring blogger will receive an Amazon Kindle Fire!!

To enter, simply tell Rafflecopter who referred you to the giveaway by entering – 
Older Mommy Still Yummy
You can also receive additional entries by:
·         Tweeting about this giveaway
·         Following Rafflecopter on twitter
·         Giving Rafflecopter feedback
Rafflecopter is doing something a little special to make things even more fun, you can get an additional entry if you:
  • Suggest a Mascot Name:  
I’m sure many of you have seen the Rafflecopter smiley-face dude hanging around the web!
The poor guy needs a name, and Rafflecopter want to leave it up to you to decide what his (or her?) name should be. 
So, for an additional entry…suggest a name! 
After the giveaway is over, the great people over at Rafflecopter will go through the list of names and pick out their favourite suggestions (be creative!). 
They will bring the favourites to a vote on Facebook.

If the name you suggested is chosen, you’ll win an Amazon Kindle Fire and be immortalized in Rafflecopter history :)
Good Luck everyone and don’t forget to indicate on the Rafflecopter form (below) that Older Mommy Still Yummy sent you!!

a Rafflecopter giveaway


  1. Donna OShaughnessy says:

    Fantastic giveaway ! Thanks for doing this now if I can only remember to sign up later. I have a 10 to 1 chance

  2. lost butterfly says:

    I think I made a mistake about who referred me…I put "you" as in oldermommystillyummy but I don't think I put your name in reference to who referred me. Are you able to fix that for me & add you as my referral source? Sorry about that….too early for my brain I think.
    jglaframboise at eastlink dot ca

  3. What is a "Widget" ? Help !!!

  4. @Unknown – It's a small application that can be installed and executed within a web page by an end user.

  5. lost butterfly says:

    Oh Phooee- I can not find and "edit" button to fix my referral info.
    jglaframboise at eastlink dot ca

  6. I am loving this Giveaway by Rafflecopter..thanks!

    Deb Dorrington

  7. Pat Bacon says:

    Of all the entries I have ever filled out, this one excites me the most…… !!!

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