Healthy Living – Nine weeks in and doing…?

Like many of you,  my New Year resolution was to be more active, eat healthier and lose a few pounds.

How am I doing 9 weeks in…I’m doing OK, better than I was, but still working on it.

Maybe that’s what I need to realize, there’s no “magic” fix…it really is a lifestyle change, a process and a commitment to be more active and to eat a healthy diet.

I’m doing OK with the activity…I walk for ~45 minutes four to five times a week and I’m loving that.  For the most part we eat a fairly healthy diet, filled with protein, dairy, lots of fruit and vegetables, and whole grains.  Well, when I say whole grains, I’m speaking for myself, not my husband.  He is still hooked on white bread.  It doesn’t matter how often I bring in tasty whole grains he comes right behind me with a loaf of white bread that would still be preserved …I mean “fresh” 10 days later.

However, I am not without sin!  I need to be more aware of portion size and …I HAVE TO STOP THE EVENING SNACKING.  That is definitely my downfall, and if you can share any tips in that department, I’m all ears!!

Nine weeks in, how are you doing with your New Year resolutions?




  1. nicolthepickle says:

    Good for you! That’s an impressive amount of walking!
    The evening snacking is a habit. (I do it too.) Change your pattern of what you’re doing. Do you go to the computer and automatically reach for the peanut M and M’s. Think about what you’re doing, and it will be easier to change.
    This is coming from the woman whose husband just bought a bag of peanut M and M’s from Costco.
    I find popsicles are a nice treat for me. You can get just fruit juice ones. They have sugars in them, but it’s natural and therefore less bad for you.
    Try to find something that’s a nice treat and not so bad for you. And you’ll be ahead.

    • Thanks so much, lots of great advice, you’ve re-motivated me! The popsicles are a great idea and the fruit juice ones sound like they would be really tasty.
      I’ve been throwing some individual yogurt containers in the freezer, they only have 90 calories and 1.5 gms of fat but are very tasty to eat when partially frozen…they remind me of ice-cream! As you said, eating in the evening is a habit…I’ve been doing well this week and hopefully I’ll keep it up. Thanks for your encouragement, it really helps

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