Cottage Pie ~ Recipe ~

I have made this for recipe for Cottage Pie for years. This an old stand-by” hen I don’t know what to have for dinner.

It’s not at all fancy, but it’s pretty tasty, goes together quickly and I usually always have these ingredients on hand.

                                                                                     Cottage Pie


1 lb. lean ground beef
1 onion, diced 
2 (284 ml / 10 oz) cans of condensed vegetable beef soup (or vegetable soup)
1 can corn niblets, drained
3/4 cup frozen peas (optional)
6 Yukon gold (or any yellow fleshed)* potatoes 
1/3 cup milk (approximately)
3 Tbsp. butter 
1 clove garlic, finely minced (optional)
3/4 cup grated cheddar cheese
Bring potatoes to a boil and cook until tender, remove from heat and drain.  Add butter, garlic and milk, mash until creamy.
Meanwhile, in a large non-stick skillet over medium heat, brown grown beef, add onion and continue cooking, stirring occasionally, until onion is translucent.
Add soups, corn niblets and frozen peas to the meat mixture. Stir to combine.
Spoon into buttered casserole dish, top with potatoes and sprinkle with cheese.
Bake uncovered at 350 degrees F. for 30 minutes
  (*I LOVE yellow fleshed potatoes and they mash extremely well)

…and after! 

Very yummy!
 What is your “go-to” easy dinner?



  1. Shannon says:

    It’s delicious!!!

  2. Patricia says:

    Mmmm, will have to keep that recipe in mind…

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