Healthy Living – March 8th is International Women’s Day

Women across Canada are as diverse as the communities they live in.  This year’s theme for International Women’s Day and International Women’s Week celebrates women’s roles in the economic prosperity of rural, remote and Northern regions.

Canada covers a total area 9,984,670 square kilometres. It is home to 17.4 million women and girls and contains more than 5,400 communities — approximately 5,200 of which are rural, remote or Northern. During the week of March 8, 2012, we are celebrating the three million Canadian women and girls across every province and territory who are integral to life in these rural, remote and Northern communities.

In rural and remote areas, women make up approximately 45% of the labour force, but significant gaps still exist between women and men in labour force participation rates, employment rates and income. These trends are more pronounced for Aboriginal women, who make up a large part of the rural, remote and Northern population.

Women and girls are contributing to economic prosperity in these regions through innovative projects such as business networks and training in non-traditional occupations. Leadership initiatives for women and girls in rural and remote areas can also be found across the country.

International Women’s Day has been celebrated for more than 100 years.  In that time, substantial progress has been made in advancing equality for women, and we recognize the critical role that women continue to play in the prosperity of Canada’s diverse communities.

All content in this post was obtained from Status of Women Canada website.


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