~ Living Green ~ Earth Hour and Climate Change

Climate change is the biggest environmental threat to our planet and the number one concern for Canadians. We are already seeing its impacts, particularly on our Arctic and our oceans.

© Carlos G. Vallecillo / WWF-Canon

The main cause of climate change is all the fossil fuels we have used over the years to produce heat, electricity and fuel for transportation. When we burn materials like coal and oil, it releases greenhouse gas emissions, like carbon dioxide, into the atmosphere. These gases trap heat, which is leading to a rapid global average increase in temperature. The ocean also takes in that gas, causing ocean acidification. Both of these are posing the largest risk to species extinction today. To turn this around, we need to use less energy, be more efficient with what we do use, and switch to low-emission renewable resources like wind, solar, hydro, and geothermal energy.

WWF is working with communities, energy producers, governments, leading companies, and scientists to develop and implement energy solutions across the country. Only by tackling how we produce and use energy will Canada be able to do its part in the fight against climate change. Read more about the impact of global warming on Canada and WWF’s role.

Participating in WWF’s Earth Hour is a simple way to show you want to be a part of the solution, and it sends a powerful message: together we can make a difference. Earth Hour 2012 will take place on Saturday, March 31 at 8:30 PM (local time). Once again it will call on every individual, business, and community throughout the world to stand up, take responsibility, get involved and lead the global journey to a sustainable future!

The above information is from World Wildlife Federation Canada website.


  1. Deb Dorrington says:

    My family has been an active participant in Earth Hour since 2009. Over the last couple of years we have recruited most of our neighbors and some local business to shut off everything that they can possible do without for just an hour. I must admit the first year I was a bit ansty going without electricity for the hour..lol. Now I shut & unplug most things done when not in use everyday….Thanks for the reminder for March 31st.

  2. Deb, that’s awesome that you have recruited your neighbours and local businesses. If there were more people like you climate change would not be the issue it is today.

  3. Will have our lights, computers, D/W, W/D , TV’s shut off & unplugged at 2030-2130. Thanks for the reminder. From our vantage point on top of the hill overlooking Nauwigewauk, it’ll be interesting how many comply!

  4. Kathy, that’s great and I hope many, many will take part and do their part to minimize the devastating effects of climate change. :)

  5. Patricia says:

    a href=http://sugarspiceallthings-nice.blogspot.ca/Patricia,Sugar & Spice & All Things ? Nice /a

    Looking fwd to shutting down for Mother Earth!!

  6. I am too Pat, it’s always fun to do!

  7. I will absolutely be participating in Earth Hour again this year! It is a great way to raise awareness on this ever-growing issue. Let’s all do our part, on this day, and every day!!!

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