~ Wordless Wednesday ~ Easter Tulips {w/LINKY}

Beautiful Easter tulips



  1. So pretty! I love how simple, yet beautiful tulips are, especially in an arrangement like that :) Thanks for linking up!


    • Brandi, so do I. the white are my favourite because I love the contrast between the white of the flowers and the green of the leaves!

  2. How pretty!

  3. usually flowers are wonderful with all their color, but even this white has such beauty

     care for those age’d until the end

  4. Beautiful. When I draw pictures of spring flowers more likely than not they are tulips.

  5. I love tulips, and the white ones are just beautiful!

    • I love the white too Stacey, I think it’s the stark contrast with the green leaves that I really like.

  6. I love tulips – so beautiful!

  7. What a great Easter picture! They look so great alone on the table like that!

  8. Pure white, lovely don’t know that I’ve seen them quite that color before.

  9. Lovely tulips. White is the perfect color for Easter! Thanks for sharing.

  10. I love the way they spread like a deck of cards and the purity of their white.

  11. So pretty!

  12. These white tulips are stunning! Awesome Spring photo.

  13. I love tulips, these are so beautiful :)

    Thanks for linking up.

  14. The tulips are so lovely. It must be great having flowers around for Easter.

  15. beautiful bulbs. Have a great WW!

  16. just perfect!

  17. I love tulips and yours look lovely. My problem is that they don’t last long once cut… so sad. Have a great week and thanks for hosting.

  18. I just love tulips :)) Happy WW and thanks for hosting!


  19. Lovely :)

  20. i love tulips
    happy wed!

  21. Spring!!! Beautiful flowers :)

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