The warm summer weather is quickly approaching and that means: picnics, barbecues and outdoor fun!  The last thing you want to have happen, is for yourself, or your family and friends to develop a food borne illness.

Food handling safety risks at home are more common than most people think.

The four easy lessons of…

  • clean
  • separate
  • cook
  • chill

…can help prevent harmful bacteria from making your family sick.

You can download, print and post in your kitchen the,  4 Safe Food Handling Practices Checklist and the Be Food Safe consumer brochure, 4 Easy Lessons in Safe Food Handling.  

For more information here is a short video review of safe food handling.

Be food safe and enjoy a wonderful and happy summer!

Information contained in this post was obtained from Health Canada and Be Food Safe Canada.


  1. Patricia says:

    Great ideas to follow, Monica, as none of us wants to spend our short and precious summer suffering through a preventable illness.

  2. Jeannette Laframboise says:

    What a great idea to remind people of food safety! Every summer it seems people get ill by improper cooking and/or storage etc. I have always been almost phobic about it and at times I have overcooked meat just so that I know for sure it is done…dry but done. :-) I actually own more coolers than shoes…

    People even forget about salads made with mayonnaise and the fact that it must remain cold. Improperly cooked and stored food not only has the potential to make people very sick, but could also cause death. That is scary stuff. Very good of you to post this info and hopefully help others have a safe and healthy summer.

    • Thanks Jeannette and you are absolutely correct…eating spoiled or improperly cooked food can have dire consequences!
      I know myself, I always like to review food handling procedures before all the summer barbecuing and picnics begin. Thought I would share the info!

  3. This is SO important all the time, but especially in the summer, when the heat makes germs grow so much faster.


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