LIVING GREEN: One Tip at a Time {#46 – Repurposing your old garden hose}

Tip # 46

Repurposing your old garden hose

We’re coming into the season where we’re sorting through everything “summer” and if you’ve come across an old garden hose that no longer can serve it’s original purpose…here are some great tips for reusing it!

  • Make a slit in a length and use sections as beading to cover sharp surfaces. (such as the edges of metal or steel)
  • As padding for wire bucket handles (my personal favourite use!)
  • By sealing off one end and making a series of very small holes in the hose, you can turn a standard garden hose into a soaker hose.
  •  If you have trees staked, run a section of hose over the rope/string/whatever to protect the trunk of the tree

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