Wordless Wednesday ~ Late Blooming Hyacinth ~ {w/Linky}

I never had a chance to see the first batch as our local deer friends decided to munch on them.  I was pleasantly surprised when these came up last week.  Good thing I snapped a photo, the deer came back the next day for a little snack :(

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  1. Ooh! I love spring flowers!

  2. WOW! Gorgeous!!

  3. They are absolutely gorgeous. I used to live in a little town where deer wandered into our yards to partake of spring blooms. I suppose it’s picturesque while it’s occurring but not so much after.

    • Thank you! I cannot even get upset with the poor little deer…after all the subdivision I live in was built on their homeland and it belonged to them first!

  4. Ohhhh your so lucky you had a second chance (however short it was) to see those pretty flowers :)


  5. Lovely shot :)

  6. They look so nice with the water droplets on them. The deer must have loved them, all wet and munchy!!! Glad you got to take a photo before they got them.
    Kathy at Oak Lawn Images

    • Thanks Kathy, I didn’t even notice the water droplets until I enlarged it! I’m sure the deer were happy to have a fresh little tasty treat.

  7. Beautiful shot with the fat rain drops on them.

    • Thanks Helen, I never even noticed the raindrops until I enlarged the photo…but I really like them.

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