Wordless Wednesday – I miss the beach :( {w/LINKY}

If you’re a reader of my blog you may remember a couple of weeks ago I posted about my camping trip with my sisters…it was so relaxing, fun and stress free.  I don’t know if I can wait another whole year to go back.  I miss the beach :(

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  1. Elva Roberts says:

    July 31-I lived by a beach all my young years until I married. We would go to the shore (as we called it) twice a day in the summer. We spent all afternoon there with the rest of the children in our small town. Remarkably, we did not have much adult supervision. The older children were expected to look after the younger and children under five were rare. It was a fairly safe beach and, to my knowledge, noone was ever drowned there. I loved the beach and. when I wasn’t in the water, I lay on a blanket and listened to the lap, lap, lap of the waves and almost drifted off to sleep. No wonder, you miss the beach.-el03ro

    • Sounds idealic Elva, how fortunate you were to live so close to such beauty! I too love the sounds of the water lapping the shore and falling to sleep to the rhythm of the waves…heaven!

  2. I would miss it more if our beaches are warmer.

  3. I LOVE THE BEACH.. I girl after my own heart. I miss is all the time too, thankfully I live 30 minutes away :)

    I hope you get to go back sooner than next year!

  4. Love this looks like an oasis that’s calling my name :)

  5. I wish we lived a little closer to the beach too

  6. WOW! That is a cool shot!

  7. now I would miss a beautiful view such as that also.

  8. That is sooooooo beautiful!! Happy WW!

  9. There is nothing like the beach. I love the sand in between my toes! Beautiful picture.

  10. That is one gorgeous beach! We leave this weekend for our trip; I cannot wait!

  11. Beautiful shot! Now I want to go to the beach too! :)

  12. That is such a beautiful shot! It makes me really miss camping!

  13. I haven’t been to the beach yet this summer…can you believe that?? Ahhhh! I need to go soon! lol

  14. Love the ripples (hungry for chips now…).
    Are you going to share your “sister stories”. You must have a few (that you CAN share).

    Besos, Sarah
    Zookeeper at Journeys of The Zoo

  15. Beautiful image. So serene

  16. Great picture. SO glad to be living in the land of beaches again. Missed the water.

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