Meet Norman, Eco-warrior!! {Living Green}

Meet Norman. He’s not your everyday housecat. Little by little he’s helping to save our oceans.

Learn more about Norman and his mission at

**{I was sent this video via the WWF, I’m not plugging Loblaws, just the cause!}


  1. ashley picco says:

    that’s a cute video – adorable cat…and good for loblaws for trying to help

  2. Manager to Mom says:

    Cute vid (makes me miss my cat!!!) and great to hear Loblaw is moving toward a 100% sustainable model for their seafood. I actually didn’t know about the MSC label but I’m going to look for/ask about this now!

  3. Aww, too cute!

  4. Christine (@chancesmommy) says:

    What a cute video!!! Thanks for sharing!

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