February is Heart Awareness Month (Not a Valentine’s heart, the real one!}


Do you want to hear a staggering statistic?  

Every seven minutes in Canada, a life is taken by heart disease or stroke.

This February, more than 70,000 volunteers will canvass door-to-door across the country to help change this statistic. Join us by volunteering in your neighborhood this February. Here’s how:

Door-to-Door Canvassers
As the face of the Heart and Stroke Foundation, each Canvasser visits approximately 20-25 houses on a specific route in his or her neighborhood and thanks residents for past donations, raises awareness of our cause and collects funds for the Heart and Stroke Foundation. To register as a door-to-door canvasser, click here.

Online Canvassers
Online Canvassers raise funds for the Heart and Stroke Foundation by reaching out to their friends & family that they keep in touch with online. When you register as an Online Canvasser, you receive your own personal fundraising headquarters, where you can send emails directly to your online contacts, set a fundraising goal and track your fundraising progress! To register as an Online Canvasser,click here.

*note that you can register as a Door to Door Canvasser and an Online Canvasser, if you are interested in both roles!

With the assistance of a Zone Leader, each Captain helps organize a strong team of approximately 10 Canvassers in his or her area, delivers and collects canvasser kits, and acts as the point person for Canvassers leading up to and throughout the campaign to ensure the success of door-to-door fundraising. If you’re interested in becoming a Captain, click here.

Zone Leaders
The Zone Leader works with their local Heart and Stroke Foundation office to establish a strong team of approximately 10 Captains in his or her area. He or she liaises with Captains to ensure they, and their respective Canvassers, have all the materials they need – when they need them – to ensure a successful campaign. Interested in becoming a Zone Leader? Please call your local Heart and Stroke Foundation office. Click here to find a listing of all of the local offices.

For any other questions that you might have about the Heart Month campaign, please choose your province below to learn more:

Alberta, NWT & NU
British Columbia & Yukon
New Brunswick
NFLD and Labrador
Nova Scotia
Prince Edward Island

Let’s Help Make Death Wait!

Information contained in this post is from the Canadian Heart & Stroke Foundation.



  1. That’s a great cause and reminder to be aware of how precious our ‘own’ hearts are. I canvased ‘door to door’ on the island for many years. Now, I’ll let some younger folks take that over.

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