~ REMINDER ~ Earth Hour is this Saturday, March 23rd from 8:30pm – 9:30pm

Earth Hour

Hundreds of millions of people, businesses and governments around the world unite each year to support the largest grassroots environmental event in history – Earth Hour. Earth Hour asks individuals, businesses and governments around the world to turn off their lights for one hour to support urgent action on climate change.

This year, Earth Hour is happening on:

Saturday, March 23
8:30pm – 9:30pm
(wherever you are)

Earth Hour is a highly visible symbolic act. One that brings people of all ages and backgrounds around the world together to sound a clear call-to-action for our most pressing global challenge: climate change. Turning off lights for one hour won’t solve climate change. But the strong message generated by people across every continent turning off their lights together helps create the political space and demand for the large-scale change that will.

All that is asked is for you to switch off your lights from 8:30pm – 9:30pm on Saturday, March 23 (local time, wherever you are).

But until then, there are more ways for you to show your team spirit during Earth Hour and beyond:

I’ll be switching off during earth hour, will you?


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