Wordless Wednesday ~ They’re back!

Wordless Wednesday ~ For the last two springs we have had a pair of ducks show up on our street, rest for a few days and then fly away; and this year they are back.  I am not sure if they are the same pair of ducks each year, but I like to think they are.

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  1. Cute!

  2. Sugar & Spice & All Things ? Nice says:

    Oh, how sweet. Mama and Daddy checking the layout before bringing the wee ones in!!! Nice pic.

  3. That’s nice they came back to the same place. Guess they have a built in GPS tracker. Hope you can get another picture of Mamma with the little ducklings. We’ll be watching for it.
    Kathy at Oak Lawn Images

  4. Cute!

  5. Oh how fun! I agree, it’s nice to think that they’re the same two and I’ll bet that they are!

  6. My husbands grandma had a crow that she fed daily – she knew it was the same one…kinda neat.
    Thanks for the linky :)

  7. I totally think they’d be the same ducks!
    How cool!

    • It is pretty cool if they are the same pair. We actually live in a subdivision, so I would think the odds of a pair of random ducks landing here each spring would be pretty low!

  8. Ducks are such amusing animals don’t you think? I’m glad they are back.

  9. Awww! So sweet!!!

  10. They make a fabulous pair!

  11. oh that would be pretty fun to have some duck friends on the street!

  12. Yay Ducks! We just have lots and lots of geese :/

  13. Awww that’s so sweet!!

  14. Cute couple! ^.^

    ♥ aquariann
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  15. How cute, I want to get a picture of the ducks near where I live.

  16. I’d love to think it’s the same pair of ducks each year. Nice photo you managed to snag!

  17. Thanks for joining me in the Wordless Wednesday Bloggers.


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