Wordless Wednesday ~ A Bug’s Eye View {w/LINKY}

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  1. love the angle!!

  2. I like the scene first thing came to mind was peaceful :-)

    Have a bugtastic week ;-)

  3. First thing that came to my mind was beach combing. ;)

  4. Very interesting perspective… poor bugs must be so intimidated!! Great shot.

  5. Cool shot! It looks like you were at the beach.

  6. Fun! I love this idea; perspective pictures are such a neat way of changing the way we see things around us!

  7. What an interesting perspective! Cool angle!

  8. I like they way you took this photo.

  9. Very cool. I love the beach.

  10. I never thought about it in that way. I wonder how they really do see it.

  11. Love this pic! Would never have thought to capture it this way. Just lovely!

  12. WOW they must be so tired going from point A to B?

  13. Cool angle! Reminds me of what the view would be like for a crawling babe.

  14. Love it!! Whew!

  15. I suddenly have an urge to pick those rocks up lol! Great shot:)

  16. Always fun to experiment with different view points :)

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