Mealtime Options ~ Mealtimes don’t need to be a big hassle

Anyone with kids knows those first few weeks of “Back-to-School” is one of the busiest times of the year. Everything seems to happen at once: shopping for school clothes, footwear and school supplies; homework; packing lunches; planning dinners; registration for social and sporting groups and then car pooling to get to those activities; getting back to a routine and the list goes on…it can wear out even the most organized of families!

Mealtimes do not need to be a big hassle, it really isn’t all that difficult to prepare delicious, exciting and nutritious meals, you may just need a little inspiration!  Take a look at these great tips from Loblaws® executive chef Tom; you will find loads of inspiration and many mealtime options!

{I don’t know about you, but I am quickly becoming addicted to Greek yogurt, it is so delicious and versatile.  I use it for smoothies, in cooking and sprinkled with fruit and granola so this first tip is right up my alley!}

Tip #1 – Greek Yogurt: Nutritious options on the go: Mealtime Options

  • The new PC® Greek Yogurt Mango Smoothie drinks are just the thing for busy mornings running to school or a quick snack before or after school activities. They contain 12 g of protein per 250 mL serving so they’ll keep you and the kids going all morning or afternoon!
  • And if you’re partial to eating your Greek yogurt with a spoon, pick up one of the new larger tubs – a 908 g size of PC® 0% M.F. Greek Yogurt available in Plain, Vanilla and Honey.  Top with PC® Blue Menu® Chocolate Granola Boost Cereal with Protein and some fruit and you’ve got the perfect snack packed with nutrients.

Mealtime OptionsTip #2 – Make snacking easy:

  • Add PC® Mini Hummus and PC® Organic Baby-Cut Carrots into your children’s lunch bags because these little dippers are perfectly sized for classrooms or on the go!  {I love these and keep them on hand for a healthy but delicious evening snack.}
  • The new PC® Free From® Pepperellos™ are perfect for an afternoon snack and will be a hit with your kids.
  •   PC® Free From® products use meat that has been raised by farmers without the use of antibiotics or hormones, providing parents with an alternate food choice.

Tip #3 – Keep meals simple:Mealtime Options

According to a recent survey conducted for Loblaw Companies Limited, 34 per cent of Canadians say their children’s activities (e.g., hockey, dance, swimming) prevent them from eating meals as a family.

Try quick and simple dinner options like:

  • Fully cooked PC® Mediterranean Chicken Breast Strips that can easily be used in salads, wraps and stir-fries.
  • An easy and delicious PC® Chicken Pot Pie.
  • or for a creative way to sneak seafood into your kids’ dinner, the PC® East Coast Wild Crab Cakes are just the thing for busy nights. Breaded and lightly fried, these delectable crab cakes from New Brunswick are packed with Canadian snow crab. It’s also one of the only species of crab that is MSC-certified, which means it comes from a sustainable source. {Note – YUM…crab cakes are a favourite of mine and they come from my home province!}

Tip #4 – Jazz up your regular Mealtime Options :Mealtime Options

(Side note: I am in LOVE with the PC® Black Label Collection and if you haven’t used any of these products yet, you need to give them a try!)

The PC® Black Label Collection, features a range of outstanding foods all made with a rich artisanal provenance and amazing flavours.

  • You can bring the authentic taste of Italy to your dinner table with the PC® black label Arugula Pasta Sauce. Perfect for those who enjoy a slightly bitter peppery flavor, this sauce is made with hand-harvested sweet Italian tomatoes and arugula picked at the peak of freshness.  Serve over the new PC® black label Nero di Seppia Spaghetti infused with cuttlefish ink to give it a dramatic hue. I {Note – I have these ingredients in my pantry and I am going to make this dish on the weekend.  I  can hardly wait to see the look on every face when I serve up this elegant, inky hued pasta!}
  • You may also want to pick up the new PC® Black Label Walnut Pesto.  Made with walnuts and grated hard cheese, it has a fine, smooth texture and a rich nutty flavour.

Tip #5 – Look for the Peanut-Free icon for safe snack options:

Food allergies are top of mind for parents of school age kids. Loblaws have us covered with more than 100 President’s Choice® and no name® snacks that have been made in a peanut-free facility, including PC® Wild Berry Fruit Twists and new PC® Sea Salt Scalloped Crackers, a snack even the grown-ups will like.

We know that allergies can be hard to manage, which is why Loblaw has partnered with Anaphylaxis Canada, to create a food allergy management assessment program to help educate those dealing with or parents of children with severe, life-threatening food allergies.  The program includes:

  • Useful tools and information on how to correctly use life-saving allergy medication.
  • You can also sign up for our RefillReady™ program which provides automated reminders two weeks prior to the expiry of your auto-injector.
  • For more information, or to see a complete list of peanut free President’s Choice® and no name® products visit a pharmacist at your local Atlantic Superstore®nofrills or Save Easy® store or visit

Tip #6 – Don’t forget a treat once in a while:Mealtime Options

It’s okay to indulge every now and then. This year, the President’s Choice® brand celebrates 25 years of the PC® The Decadent® Chocolate Chip Cookie with some new products.

  • The new PC® The Decadent ® Chocolate Chip Cookie Spread lets you luxuriate in the pleasures of the iconic PC® The Decadent® Chocolate Chip Cookie in new ways, like on toast or cupcakes, in a crepe or on ice cream.
  • If cookies are more your style, try the PC® The Decadent®Double Chocolate Chip Cookie.  We’ve taken our best-selling cookie to new heights by dipping it into, and drizzling it with semi-sweet chocolate.
  • Why not indulge in the chocolate chip cookie flavour you love with PC® The Decadent®Chocolate Chip Pancake Mix?  Bursting with 20 per cent of the PC® The Decadent ® Chocolate Chips, these new pancakes are an extra-rich alternative to the same old flapjacks.

Whether you are looking for quick dinner solutions your kids will love or ideas to enhance existing mealtime favourites you will find all the ingredients and inspiration you need at your local Loblaws® store.

President’s Choice® products are available at Atlantic Superstore®nofrills® and Save Easy® locations in the Maritimes.

For more recipes, videos and more great meal ideas, please visit check out the new President’s Choice® Insider’s Report®.




  1. I had food allergies as a child but very few other kids my age had them. I wonder why there are so many kids today that have them? I was really an anomaly in the 70s. I like those little hummus packs…I might get them for me.

    • The hummus packs are perfect for a little snack JoJo, I picked some up a few days ago and they are now all gone!
      I too have often wondered about the apparent increase in food allergies. As a child, I never knew anyone with a food allergy and now it is almost an epidemic. Definitely very scary for these children and their parents.


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