Wordless Wednesday ~ Locking Horns {w/LINKY}

I took this photo this afternoon from our back deck.  These two little guys were using their brand new horns to have a friendly dual!

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  1. Holy deer dual!!! How amazing to even see this playful event, let alone capture it with your camera!!! ++++bonus points to you!!!

  2. Neato!!!!! What a great thing to get to see and take pics of!!

  3. What a great capture!

  4. What a great capture, indeed. Young bucks trying out their news skills or antlers.!!

  5. WHAT?! That is soooo cool! All we get are the odd chipmunk, bunny or skunk here!

  6. What a neat capture! I wish we had more deer in our subdivision out on the country side. It would make for a more pleasant sight than coyotes or coy dogs. Eeek!

  7. Oh wow, what an awesome shot to have captured!

  8. ohhh look at you and your brand new digs! love the new layout!
    This photo is incredible! What a site that must have been! I saw my first wild buck this weekend with a HUGE rack! it was so amazing, people were pulled over on the side of the road to check it out!

    • Thanks Jennifer, I am loving my new digs too! That must have been something to see, I don’t think these little guys will have much of a rack for a couple years…they are pretty young!

  9. Where the heck do you live? You always have great wildlife shots!!

  10. Wow, that’s crazy! I love all your deer shots but this one is definitely 1 in a million!

  11. Great photo!! How did you get that one??

  12. Wow! What a great picture! We see deer in our area all the time but have never seen them doing anything other than eating grass or running. Great capture!

  13. How brilliant I find that fascinating, coming from and living in central London we don’t get anything like that heheh!

    Have a deertastic week ;-)

    PS: I didn’t see you on my WW Linky so I added you :-)

  14. Awww, they are gorgeous!

  15. I love to catch the deer being playful!

  16. You don’t see that every day. Once I came up upon 2 rabbits duking it out. That was a bit different.

  17. Awesome! I see a lot of squirrels in my backyard but haven’t see any deer in the yard since I left the farm.

  18. What a great capture! Thanks a lot for hosting Monica.

  19. Great photo! I think I would have been a little terrified to be so close! Ha!

  20. I love deer and boys will be boys!! Great shot.
    Thanks for stopping by Oh My Heartsie Girl this week
    Have a great weekend, coming

  21. You surely won’t see that in my neighborhood, happy to see the deer. Thanks for sharing!

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