Let President’s Choice® Lighten Your Workload This Holiday Season!

Let President’s Choice® Lighten Your Workload This Holiday Season! 

I don’t know about you, but I am pretty sure I am not alone when I say I am stressed to the max, and it isn’t even December!

We still have ALL of our shopping to do; the house is only half decorated; we purchase a fresh tree, so we don’t have that yet; then there is always the decorating of said tree; wrapping of gifts (if they are ever purchased…lol), addressing, writing  and mailing of cards (I’m already contemplating cutting that task from the list);  baking (we always make a  few types of squares and cookies); house cleaning; entertaining and attending holiday functions; oh and everyday life still continues…work, meals, cleaning, grocery shopping, etc!!

OK…I am starting to have heart palpitations just at the thought of what needs to be accomplished in less than 33 days!

Last night I could not sleep, my mind kept going over and over and over what needed to be done, and when or how I would be able to fit it all in. It was as I lie in bed, still wide awake at 4AM, mind racing,  that I came to the realization that this is all utter chaos and something has to change.

The holidays are about being together as family and friends, none of whom care about what is on my ambitious, type A, control freak list!  As I lie awake, I decided four things:

  1. The Christmas cards are only going to be sent to the out of town people, so that whittles the list to a manageable 3 or 4.
  2. My husband and I are going on a marathon shopping spree this Saturday.
  3. All gifts will be “wrapped” in gift bags with some tissue paper poofed on top.
  4. I am either buying or making from a mix the vast majority of the appetizers and sweets that we will be serving this Christmas season.

If like me you have had enough of this madness, listen up!  You are on your own for numbers 1, 2 and 3;  but I can definitely help you out with number 4!

How adorable and simple is this PC® Eat the Middle First Candy Cane Cookies Tree!  This is so simple to make with a couple boxes of cookies, a few dobs of icing and a few coloured candies and would be perfect to send to school or for a child’s Christmas party!

President's Choice®

Or how about this for an elegant and super easy appetizer?

President's Choice®

Unexpected guests?  In about 5 minutes flat you can have this sumptuous dessert ready to serve!

President's Choice®

 President's Choice®If you still  feel the need to create a “homemade” goodie or two that need not be an ordeal. PC® has a wide range of packaged mixes that will bring out the epicurean in you without a huge investment in time or dollars!  To see a stunning example, check out this recipe for, Red Velvet Cake with Raspberry Buttercream…YUM!

Recipe for Red Velvet Cake with Raspberry Buttercream

All of these delicious PC® products and more are highlighted in the new President’s Choice® Insider’s Report® which is now available in-store.  For more great information on how PC® can help to make your holiday merrier and less stressful, be sure to connect with them via:

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Wishing you and your family a wonderful and stress free holiday!


  1. I have yet to come across something from President’s Choice that I do not like. Everything they make is soooo yummy! The PC Eat the Middle First Candy Cane Cookies Tree is just FABULOUS!

  2. I miss all of the wonderful choices PC offered (our Extra Foods closed months ago). That red velvet cake looks to die for. And what a neat idea to make a tree out of cookies!

  3. Oh my goodness! That Candy Cane Cookie tree is SOOOO cute!! PC really does make it easy to entertain and enjoy the holidays :)

  4. I really enjoy all PC products, I have never been disappointed! I would love to try making the Candy Cane Cookie tree, the kids would love it :)

  5. That looks absolutely delicious! I love PC products!

  6. Hello, Can anyone help…I started to stack the cookies for the tree…but it is not turning out right at all…so adorable and perfect for me to take to the Christmas Party.. I need a couple of instructions. Many Thanks

    • Oh no, I am not a pro Cindy but will try my best, what’s happening?

      • Hello, I was sure I replied last night, have no idea what happened to the post….Thanks gain..do you know how many cookies are on the botom layer ??? and is the next layer..is fosting used to hold it to the bottom layer ?? thanks

        • Hi Cindy,

          I’m not sure how many cookies are on the bottom, it may vary depending on how big you want your tree.
          I would assemble it on the actual serving plate and attach all of the cookies with a bit of frosting on the middle of the bottom of the cookie. (I would attach the cookies to the serving plate also) You would then start layering, attaching each cookie with frosting until you get to he top.
          Use frosting to attach the little decorations too. Make sure you frosting is quite thick and if you have a piping bag you could use that to apply the frosting, if not, a knife should work well too.

          Good luck Cindy!

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