Wordless Wednesday ~ It’s beginning…{w/LINKY}

LR window with snow. 600 x

We had a little snowfall overnight,  just enough to make everything white and pristine.  Now I am starting to get in the Christmas spirit!


  1. We had some snow today too. Normally I freak out at the first snowflake and vow to never leave my house but I actually drove pretty far to meet my stepdaughter for lunch. At least it really didn’t stick on the roads and the sanders were out!

  2. Oh, your picture looks just like a beautiful Christmas card. I’m still at the honeymoon stage with winter and snow but can’t guarantee how long it will last. lol

  3. Gorgeous photo! There is nothing more warming than the look of snow covered trees, especially when the view is enjoyed from indoors. :)

  4. We got the same here in Halifax… the first that stuck. I’m sure when all is said and done, you will have tons more than us though ;)

  5. we keep flip flopping between snow and muck, I hope we have a nice white Christmas

  6. We have SOOOO much snow here, but I’m not complaining since I got to say goodbye to it for a few days! Lol Love how pretty it looks through the window!

  7. There’s nothing like fresh snow to get us into the Christmas spirit!

  8. We had some too! I don’t think it’ll stick around, but it was nice for a couple of days.

  9. Yup – we got some snow yesterday. And a foot supposedly this weekend. I hope it blows out to sea…..

  10. We got a dusting yesterday. I’m excited!

  11. What a great perspective! I wish I had a window like that, ours are all open.

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