Wordless Wednesday ~ A Brilliant Disguise {w/LINKY}

To the outside world I would appear to be a well-heeled put together women.

A friend of mine gave me this mug a few months ago, she knows me so well…it is all just a brilliant disguise!

Each time I take a sip of my morning coffee, I have to smile, this is so me!

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“Cleverly Disguised As A Responsible Adult”




  1. LOL, that is hilarious!!!

  2. That’s awesome!!!! LOL!

  3. Ahhh, I love it!

  4. LOL great sense of humour …love it ;-)

  5. Love the mug! It’s nice to be able to laugh and enjoy coffee at the same time!

  6. Love the mug, I am a collector!!

  7. Great mug – it describes me too!

  8. Awesome!

  9. Love it! Such an awesome mug! :)

    Link up your Wordless Wednesday post here: http://mk2sahm.blogspot.ca/2014/02/wordless-wednesday-dress-up.html

  10. Well that is a very fun mug. Plus it meets the test of being large enough to hold a decent cup of coffee.

  11. LOL! Yep I feel that way ALL the time!

  12. it’s so awesome when our friends know us that well

  13. You found my life moto!! lol! Love that cup!

  14. I feel like this almost every day! Like, when did I become a grown-up with a mortgage and kids?

  15. I LOVE this mug! Kudos to you for even pulling off the disguise! I don’t even get that far sometimes!

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