Wordless Wednesday ~ Waiting Patiently {w/LINKY}

On a recent shopping trip to the mall, we did a double take when we happened to pull in next to this fellow.  He was sitting with his feet up, waiting patiently for the driver to return!

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  1. It’s a real life TED!

  2. LOL wel he looks comfy there hope a window was open LOL

  3. Hahaha, that is very clever.

  4. Ha! That would be a chuckle for sure.

  5. What a gorgeous blog you have. Just love the colours and the layout. Looking forward to heading back soon and having more of a look around.

  6. I wonder if the driver can use it in the carpool lane? lol

  7. That’s the newest security system, don’t you know! lol ! LOVE IT!

  8. Hahahahahahahahahahahaaa…. Love it. That’s a big old Costco bear.

  9. he looks ‘beary’ comfortable!

  10. That’s hilarious!

  11. Awesome! Some little girl or boy is going to be very happy!

  12. HAHAH!!! This is hilarious! It’s not everyday that you bump into an oversized stuffy chillin’ out in the driver’s seat of a car.

  13. I love teddy bears! :)
    Greetings from Holland!

  14. LOL! That thing is HUGE!

  15. Haha! What a great pic. Looks so cozy.

  16. That is awesome! I would’ve preferred seeing that over what I saw in a car the other day! (Hint: It’s my Wordless Wednesday post this week :) )

  17. That’s hilarious! It would have freaked me out at first until I realized what it was!

  18. LOL that reminds me of when I was in University and my boyfriend came to visit with a Panda Bear that was honestly almost bigger than my dorm room!

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