Wordless Wednesday ~ Is it over yet? {w/LINKY}

This past week-end we had a 40 cm plus snowstorm…is it over yet?


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  1. I love love love this photo. I actually had to look twice to figure out that the door as actually open… Kashmir seem to be loving it as well! FYI just heard on tv that 3 more like it are headed this way!!

  2. OMG, I know, this snow and cold is insane this year?! Enough already!!!

  3. UH! Go away snow!

  4. Wow, you guys really got hit!!!

  5. WoW! that’s a lot of snow…brrr

    Have a warmertastic week ahead ;-)

  6. While you had snow this last weekend, we had 90 degree weather roll in in the high desert of Southern California. Oh, I wish for some of that snow you have!

    Royalegacy WW with Linky: Butterflies and Blooms

  7. Wow! And I thought we got a ton of snow! It’s been a crazy winter for sure.

  8. Can you mail me half of your snow? My grandchildren are begging for some!

  9. I’ve had enough of the stuff, too. And the polar vortex. Brrr!

  10. Bobbi Hajek says:

    Oh, that’s a lot of snow! Hoping you get a heat wave soon! :-)

  11. Um no not yet! It’s still living and breathing and snowing madly here too. A fierce winter for sure.

  12. that’s crazy! we got a bunch more today!

  13. LOL, I have to chuckle because we have had this scenario a couple of times this winter. Yuck :-(

  14. O – EM – GEE! It look a minute to figure out what was happening… lol!

  15. Holy moly! I’ve only seen that in cartoons.

  16. OMG that is CRAZY!!!!! Where are you again?

  17. I love that pic! Ironically I just saw another pic on the internet that was similar. What a winter it has been!

  18. Oh Em Gee!
    That is a lot of snow!
    I’ve been on bed rest this winter, so I haven’t had to deal with all the snow we have been getting!

    Link up your wordless wednesday post here: http://mk2sahm.blogspot.ca/2014/02/wordless-wednesday-my-new-baby-stroller.html

  19. OMG!! I can’t believe it!! That is too funny! I agree I’m done wiht winter!

  20. Oh my goodness, that is totally crazy. Stay warm, and let’s just hope spring isn’t tooooo far away :)

  21. Craziest winter yet! Even worse then when we got 100cm over 2 days a few years ago, this one just will not die! I’m so done. Now of course it’s warm but they’re forecasting rain and warning of possible flooding. Seriously, how much more can we take!

  22. And I was on a beach in Hawaii… It has, however, been snowing the entire day today so I didn’t really escape it, just delayed it.

  23. This is unbelievable! But I gotta say – what a great photo! Stay warm over there! :(

  24. We have had an enormous amount of snow here in NY. When I see the snow it’s like a cleaning factor, so crisp, so fresh. However, I have had enough and I am with you. Is it over yet? (grin) Thanks for sharing!

  25. I so hear you! Enough already!

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