This Mother’s Day ~ Treat Mom to Breakfast in Bed!

I have the perfect gift idea for mom; it’s not expensive and I guarantee every mom will love it. Breakfast in bed!

Let’s face it, any gift a mom receives from their child is always special and dear to their heart, but this is something a little different for your mom (or wife) this Mother’s Day. A change from gardening tools, flowers or a book. This is also something the kids can help and be involved with and mom (and kids) will fondly remember it for years to come!

“Breakfast in bed is the ultimate indulgence, but it doesn’t have to be over complicated,” says Chef Tom Filippou, executive chef President’s Choice® Cooking Schools. “Choose simple but unique recipes that are easy to prepare and still have gourmet flair.”

Breakfast in Bed

{In the above photo you will also see a “Cheddar Scone” (recipe link below). I couldn’t  wait for Mother’s Day and had to give these a try.  They are out of this world delicious!}  *Note – I used yellow cheddar in place of white. Although a bit more rustic in appearance, the taste is still extraordinary!

To get you started, here are some tips from Chef Tom to really wow mom on Mother’s Day:

1.     Call in reinforcements

Recruit little helpers so mom can get some well-earned rest. A yogurt parfait with PC® Greek Yogurt, granola and fresh or frozen berries is a super-easy kid-friendly option with no cooking required! Little ones will have fun layering yogurt, granola, fruit and honey in a fancy parfait glass.  Why not put a breakfast spin on a classic dessert with an easy Breakfast Banana Split? It’s a fun treat the kids can whip up together and the whole family can enjoy.

Breakfast in Bed

2.     Keep it simple

If your culinary skills aren’t up to par with mom’s, don’t stress. Look for upscale recipes that don’t use too many ingredients. Try this take on a Mini Raspberry Pain au Chocolat. It’s flaky and rich but only take three ingredients to make. If you’re looking for a simple savoury option, get a little spicy with these Light and Fluffy Huevos Rancheros. They use PC® Blue Menu® Egg Whites so there’s no cracking eggs or fishing out eggshell.

Breakfast in Bed

3.     Earn some style points

Go that extra mile for mom today and pay special attention to plating and presentation. Use recipes that not only taste delicious, but look great when served. French Toast with Mascarpone Cream and Raspberry Syrup or Blackberry-Topped Belgian Waffles both offer a wonderful blend of tart and sweet. The contrast of vibrantly coloured syrups on delicate creams is simple but sleek. For maximum impact, stack pieces of the French toast or waffles and add a colourful garnish like a sprig of fresh mint.

Breakfast in Bed

4.     Get cheesy!

Cheese is one of those versatile ingredients that can add dimension and flavour to so many dishes. Blueberry Cheese Blintzes are delicious homemade crepes wrapped and baked with ripe fruit and creamy sweetened ricotta and cream cheese. If mom prefers something more savoury, try these sinfully rich Cheddar Scones. They’re topped with PC® black label Cherry Shiraz Wine Jelly that adds a yummy and fancy flair.

Breakfast in Bed

5.     Go beyond breakfast:

There’s no reason that the pampering has to end at breakfast. Don’t forget to choose a gift for mom that she’ll really love. For the real foodie, the PC® black label collections features a range of outstanding foods all made with a rich artisanal provenance and amazing flavours, providing an exciting adventure in food that will inspire and excite mom’s taste buds. Some of Chef Tom’s top picks for mom are:

  • ·         PC® black label Turrón Crocanti Con Chocolate: Imported from France, this mouth-watering dessert is made with crunchy roasted almonds and sweet caramelized honey nougat enveloped in velvety-smooth milk chocolate, crafted according to tradition by master confectioners. It’s a perfect after-dinner treat that goes well with fine liqueurs or as part of an afternoon coffee break. 
  • ·         PC® black label Citrus Mint Tea: Subtle and refined, this zesty citrus-infused tea is a delightful and intricate blend of aromatic hibiscus, mountain-grown mint, blackberry leaves, blue cornflower, soothing camomile, orange peel and Thai lemon grass. Its bouquet of nuanced aromas makes it a splendid choice for afternoon sipping and a great gift for mom. 
  • ·         PC® black label Earl Grey All Butter Shortbread Thins: A treat for tea and biscuit lovers alike, these delicate, all-butter shortbread thins are baked with a traditional Earl Grey tea infusion. Imported from Scotland, the distinct flavours and aromas of bergamot orange make these the biscuit of choice when paired with tea or coffee. 

In Atlantic Canada, the PC® black label collection is available exclusively at Atlantic Superstore®. The exclusive PC® black label collection can also be found at many Loblaws owned stores across Canada.

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Happy Mother’s Day to all the moms and I hope you have a nice, relaxing breakfast in bed this Sunday!


What little something special do you like to do for your mom on Mother’s Day?

Or, if you are a mom, what is something special you like to do?

{Product or products mentioned above were provided free of charge from this company or a PR firm and I was not obligated to feature them.  All opinions are those of Older Mommy Still Yummy and were not influenced in any way.}



  1. Those all sound delish!!!!!! I’ve never had a blintz but my mouth is watering looking at those blueberry ones.
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  2. Mmm, Yummy! this would be an indulgence any time or any place! Happy Mother’s Day to you as well!

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