I am in Love with my Dyson AM06 Desk Fan!

Where I live, on the east coast of Canada, we have just emerged from the winter to end all winters!  We are finally seeing temperatures rising, flowers and trees are blooming, hibernating animals have crawled from their cozy dens and those smart birds (obviously smarter than me) that went south for the winter have returned.

The downside to all of this spring warmth and the coming of summer is the often oppressive heat and humidity. I live only a few miles from the ocean and all of that water can really increase the humidex. Most of our homes have no air conditioning, so to cool off from the heat/humidity we dig out fans, put them on our nightstands, counters, coffee tables and any other flat surface in an attempt to stay cool.

These fans do a reasonable job of cooling down a small area but the are very noisy.  Their construction also makes them very dangerous to little fingers and they need constant cleaning to keep them free of dust. ( I don’t want dust and dust mites blowing around my home)

I have recently started to use a Dyson AM06 Desk Fan and it is amazing!

Dyson AM06


This fan is super easy to assemble.  I am not at all technically inclined and I had this fan put together in less than two minutes.

All you do is:

  1. Lower the amplifier onto the base, aligning the arrows.
  2. Once aligned, turn the loop amplifier clockwise to lock.

That’s it! No muss, no fuss.

Dyson AM06

With “regular” fans, to make them work quietly, manufacturers use slow-running motors to spin the blades. This reduces noise but also reduces power, producing weak airflow. To make powerful fans, they use fast motors to spin the blades. But fast motors create more noise. Powerful and quiet is very difficult to achieve in a conventional fan. The new Dyson Cool™ fans have been engineered to be quieter, use less energy – yet generate powerful airflow.


30% Less Power Consumed – Engineered to create powerful airflow using less energy than AM01.  {I’m all about doing anything possible to lessen my carbon footprint and also my utility bill, so this is an awesome advantage.}

75% Quieter – Streamlined air channels for reduced airflow turbulence make AM06 75% quieter than AM01. {Raise your hand if you have ever tried to watch TV, listen to music, go to sleep or just sit “quietly” and read with a regular fan operating? It is next to impossible!}


Air Multiplier™ Technology – Air is accelerated through an annular (ring shaped) aperture, drawing in surrounding air to project smooth, powerful, high-velocity airflow. No blades. No choppy air.  {I’m not an engineer, so I’m not certain how this all works.  I just know from experience, that it does!}

Easy to Clean – No awkward grilles or blades. {Love this feature! A dusty fan is one of my pet peeves.  We have two pets and there is always dust balls here and there in the house, including on my regular fan.  It is next to impossible to thoroughly clean and the thought of those dust mites and goodness knows what else flying around the house is very disturbing.}

Oscillation Control – One touch for smoother oscillation. {Our regular fan makes a bit of a clunking noise as it oscillates…no worries about that with this fan.}

Dyson AM06Remote Control – With 10 precise airflow settings. Curved and magnetized to store neatly on the machine.  {I cannot count the number of times I have had to jump up during dinner, while talking to friends or watching a movie, etc. to adjust the manual buttons on my other fans.  A remote control for a fan is pure genius!}

Safe – No fast-spinning blades.  {I’m far removed from my childhood days and certainly know better, but,  I have to admit that I once nearly sliced off the tip of my pinky.  I was distracted,  quickly reached to move the fan, carelessly stuck my baby finger inside and the result was four sutures and a permanent scar.  Need I say more about the dangers of many “regular” fans}

Sleep Timer – Fan can be programmed to turn off after preset intervals ranging from 15 minutes to 9 hours.  {I LOVE, LOVE this feature! My husband would just about have a stroke if I left the fan running as we were falling asleep.  We’ve had a few, let me call them…discussions…lol about the fan running all night.  This not only saves electricity, it also eliminates those “discussions”.}


I always try to be fair in my evaluation of products and if there are negatives, make my readers aware.  Honestly, the Dyson AM06 Desk Fan, operates like a dream and I could find absolutely nothing wrong or negative about the fan itself.  The only drawback I could foresee is the cost.  At $349.99, the fans are a bit pricey, but totally worth the cost.  Plus, the price includes, free shipping and a two-year warranty.


How do you keep cool in the summer heat?

Do you own any Dyson products?


  1. I SO need one of these fans! Hubby insists on having a fan on at night, but it is so loud, I can’t hear the children if they need me – this sounds perfect.
    MultiTestingMom recently posted…Week 2 Month of Mom #Giveaway with @MommiesFirstBoxMy Profile

  2. That looks really cool!! *no pun intended!! I’d love one for our home!
    Emily recently posted…Easy Paleo Dinners! Weekly Paleo Menu PlanMy Profile

  3. That is seriously the coolest fan I have ever seen! I had no idea they have blade-less fans, But I seriously want one now!!
    Amber Edwards recently posted…So you want to buy a home; 12 Steps on How to Buy a house part 1My Profile

  4. That looks so cool, and far cooler than any fan I have ever had. I need one for my office.

  5. I actually like the sound of a fan when I am going to sleep but I have no room in my room for one. I have a window a/c unit that is now running pretty much all the time, and a window unit in the kitchen that switches on when it gets too warm. But our standing fans are very noisy and we need one in the livingroom. This Dyson might be a better option. I had their pet vac in WA and it was awesome.
    JoJo recently posted…Fairhaven, Part 2My Profile

  6. That is the neatest looking fan! I had no idea that Dyson made fans. I would love that near my desk in the summer to keep me cool while I work!
    OurFamilyWorld recently posted…High Cholesterol in Kids Not Just Caused by Childhood ObesityMy Profile

  7. This fan would be perfect for our household with a napping and always hot kiddo, and my parents’ home who is easily kept up with noise and heat. I agree – it’s worth the cost for a happy and comfortable household! We don’t have any Dyson products, but we’ve always intended on purchasing the vacuum. Now the fan is definitely something worth looking into!
    DeBalino recently posted…Tips from the Mini Travelista – What to Wear for the Traveling TotMy Profile

  8. That fan looks great! I have seen the commercials for it and have wanted one for a while (just like their vacuums, our vac is over 13 years old now). This fan would be perfect for a house with little kids like mine!
    Brandy recently posted…He Really Needed To Go PeeMy Profile

  9. I don’t own a dyson but I dream of their products and have seen a few entrepreneur shows on the inventor it is a very cool story. To be honest a quiet fan would temp most I like the white noise.
    Tammy @inRdream recently posted…Galaxy S4 @Lifeproof nuud Case Giveaway { 5 winners, ends 05/28, US & Canada}My Profile

  10. I don’t have a dyson fan, but might need to get one this summer – my office moved and my new desk area is MUCH warmer then the last one.
    Little Miss Kate recently posted…Baby Shower Dessert Ideas: Baby Rattle Oreo PopsMy Profile

  11. I love that it is quieter and uses less energy. Having a remote control is an awesome feature as well.
    Kristen@CountryFitFamily recently posted…Bug Crafts Round-Up and Artsy Play Wednesday Kids’ Craft LinkyMy Profile

  12. I am hot-natured and (now) prone to hot flashes all the time. I constantly have fans going and my family says I freeze them out, LOL! But, I always hate the way traditional fans are loud and collect so much dust. I would love to try one of these out; they are quite pricey but would probably be worth it.
    Kari recently posted…Celebrate National Chocolate Chip Cookie Day with Nielsen-Massey Vanillas (with Giveaway)My Profile

  13. They are a bit pricey Kari, but in my opinion totally worth it!
    Monica Parlee recently posted…Cheddar SconesMy Profile

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