Can Dogs Suffer From Seasonal Allergies? ~ #ItchyPetSeeYourVet

The answer to the question, “Can dogs suffer from seasonal allergies?”, is a resounding YES.  Just like their human friends, dogs (and cats too) often suffer from allergies.  They can be allergic to anything from dust mites to ragweed, sunflowers to moulds, maples to fleas and everything in between, including the very common seasonal allergies.

For many of us, especially this year, spring cannot come soon enough.  It has been a VERY long winter! Although I am looking forward to being outside more; gardening, walks, playing, barbecuing and just relaxing on the deck, there is also an element of apprehension.  The trees, grasses and flowers are all coming to life and with that coming of life, comes the much dreaded, seasonal allergies!

When we are experiencing allergy symptoms, we know and can take steps to prevent or treat them.  Our pets however, cannot tell us what they are experiencing, so we need to watch for non-verbal cues.


Is your dog always scratching? Licking? Chewing?


It could be a seasonal or other environmental allergy. Unlike humans – who may suffer with itchy, watery eyes and sneezing – dogs tend to express  their allergies through their skin. When allergy causing molecules (allergens) in the dog’s environment are absorbed through the skin, the result is often inflammation and itchiness (what veterinarians call atopic dermatitis).

Interestingly, these allergens can be any of the same common allergens that people suffer from, such as: mould, mildew, dust mites, insect bites, ragweed or various pollens.




Many pet owners aren’t aware their four-legged family members can also spend the spring season feeling miserable thanks to pollens and other environmental allergens.

According to an Ipsos Reid poll, the majority of Canadian dog owners cannot recognize the signs of seasonal allergies in their own dogs.

  • Many mistakenly believe that the signs of seasonal allergies are the same in humans and dogs.
  •  In fact, half of the polls respondents (50%) incorrectly believe that the signs of seasonal allergies are the same in both dogs and humans.
  • A further 27% could not identify any signs at all.


{When it comes to dogs, biting itchy skin is one of the telltale signs of seasonal allergies.}

Signs your dog may have allergies – 


Although pets occasionally exhibit watery eyes and some sneezing, the most common the common tell-tale signs of seasonal allergies in dogs include:

  • ear infections
  • reluctance to be handled
  • itchy or swollen red skin
  • excessively chewing paws

To help you remember, THINK ESP: Ears, Skin, Paws

Pets who are affected by allergies may suffer their entire lives; typically symptoms worsen as they get older. We can help alleviate some of that suffering by knowing the signs of allergies and finding the right type of product relief for the symptoms.


Treatment of Seasonal and Other Environmental Allergies – 


Pet owners should not manage their dog’s seasonal allergies alone.  If your dog is exhibiting any of theses symptoms you should see your vet – #ItchyPetSeeYourVet.

A veterinarian can prescribe a number of treatments to provide relief, including the use of a modified diet.  Diet to treat seasonal allergies can also help reduce your dog’s reliance on medications such as steroids.

As mentioned earlier, skin plays a vital role in protecting dogs from seasonal allergies because many of the particles that cause these allergies are absorbed through the dog’s skin.  Therefore, treatment often includes a quality dog food, which can help the skin form a protective barrier against seasonal allergies and high fatty acid diets that can help to reduce inflammation.

Two trusted options are:

Royal Canine Skin Care –

Formulated with a patented skin barrier blend, antioxidants and essential fatty acids to help with the management of environmental allergies, Skin Care is clinically proven to reduce signs of atopic dermatitis. .

Also available in a Small Dog formulation with additional benefits for urinary tract and dental health. 

Royal Canine Skin Support –

Formulated to offer the same benefits for environmental allergies as Skin Care, Skin Support also has a patented skin support blend that has been proven to inhibit bacterial growth and promote skin healing. 

If you think your pet may be suffering with allergies and would like additional information, visit Royal Canine ~ #ItchyPetSeeYourVet

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  3. This is very likely with my dog. He’s been acting odd lately. I just always thought it was his mini seizures.
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  4. I do not have dogs, but we do have cats. I had no idea dogs could suffer from seasonal allergies, but it makes total sense. I am glad to know Royal Canin has products for both cats and dogs.
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  5. These are great tips for when I have a dog. Right now I only have cats, but miss having a puppy dawg. I will watch out for these signs on friends dogs though. Thanks!
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  6. We found out our youngest dog was allergic to plastic. Caused a crazy rash.
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  7. Our large breed definitely had seasonal allergies. They were so bad that we’d dress her in a spring jacket so she wouldn’t scratch her coat off and leave her skin raw.
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  11. No I had no idea that dogs could get allergies! Our family dog never had any. Thanks for sharing.

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