Arthur’s Wrath!

I live in southern New Brunswick and last week we experienced Hurricane Arthur’s wrath.  I’m not complaining, I know, compared to many, many people we escaped Hurricane Arthur relatively unscathed. None the less, we were clobbered. I cannot even begin to fathom the destruction caused by a category 2, 3, 4 or 5 hurricane.

According to the Hurricane Centre, Arthur, which at its peak was a Category 2 hurricane with 100 mph winds,  made the transition to an post-tropical storm early Saturday, just before hitting the Maritimes. According to weather and news reports, many areas of New Brunswick received 170 mm of rainfall coupled with wind gusts up to and sometimes exceeding 110 km/h.

There was widespread damage, including flooding, many downed trees and many downed power lines.  This all resulted in more than 160,000 businesses and homes being without power. Days later, more than 60,000 customers were still without power. As I write this post, eight days after the storm hit, there are still 8,600 households who have yet to have their power restored.

NBPower has done a fabulous job, but their job and the damage is overwhelming. Maritime Electric, Quebec and Maine Hydro have all sent help to New Brunswick to aid in the restoration of power. Shortly after the storm hit, the Red Cross on P.E.I. as well as a volunteer disaster-relief specialist from P.E.I. came to New Brunswick’s aid. They assisted with the setting up of comfort centres throughout southern NB.  These comfort centres were set up for people to charge cellphones, get drinking water, ice,  a cup of coffee or tea and even a hot shower.

Arthur's Wrath

As I drove to the grocery store, the day Arthur hit, I saw several downed trees and the roadways were littered with tree limbs, leaves and other debris.

Arthur's Wrath

This branch from a tree has been stripped of its bark by the winds and has impaled our lawn.

 I wish I had put my hand in the picture to give you some perspective as to the sharp angle that this branch was stuck into our lawn. Thank goodness no one was near by when this happened!

Check out this video, shot by my daughter, of what is usually a very small stream located not far from where we live.  The rock wall to the left of the stream is actually about 7 feet high!

Have you ever experienced a hurricane’s wrath? Tell me about it, I would love to hear your story.



  1. We were hit by Hurricane Igor back in 2010. Although we lost power, were without drinking water, and we were one of a few houses that were flooded in the town, and we were cut off from the rest of the peninsula for several days it was nothing compared to other places in Newfoundland, of people who lost their homes and a nearby small community who were totally cut off for about a week with no water at all

  2. Patricia says:

    I was totally amazed… perhaps not the best word… surprised, perhaps, at the extent of destruction that was incurred as a result of Hurricane Arthur. Great video. Really puts things in perspective.

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