This Year, Give the Gift of Iams


Anyone who has ever had the pleasure of living with a cat or dog, knows just how quickly these charming little pets become an integral part of the family.  They are always in a sweet and loving mood, at your side no matter how you are feeling and can always be counted on for a snuggle and a kiss. And, like any family member, we want to do everything we can to ensure their health and happiness.

My husband and I have been fortunate enough to have had kitties in our lives for much of our married life.  Right now we have two beautiful rescued cats that we totally adore.  We wanted nothing but the best for our fur babies and from the beginning, have fed them Iams food.

Give the Gift of Iams

This is a photo from a couple of years ago of our kitties Kazzy (lt) and Emma (rt).

Here are some helpful tips to be sure your dog or cat is receiving nothing but the best:

  • Read the nutritional claims on food packages. Check the label to make sure the food is appropriate for the stage of your pet’s life (puppy/kitten, adult or senior).
  • Choose premium food. Premium pet foods, which generally use higher-quality and more easily digestible ingredients, are more nutrient-dense than the less expensive brands. That means your pet will get the calories he needs by eating less food. As a result, the difference in actual cost of feeding him premium food may be only a couple of cents a day.
  • Consult your veterinarian. Because your cat’s/dog’s nutritional needs change as he grows older and certain medical conditions require a special diet, always talk with your vet about  feeding specifics, including what – and how much – to feed your pet.
  • Ban table scraps and limit treats. Not only are they high in fat and calories, but they also can interfere with the correct – and complete – nutrition your pet is getting from his food.
  • Introduce new food gradually. Whenever you want to begin your pet on a new food, mix it in with the old. Start with a small amount of new food and increase the percentage over several days. They are more likely to accept change if it happens slowly, and their digestive systems are less likely to be upset.
  • Keep fresh water in a clean bowl available at all times. All animals need water to help regulate their body temperature, digest their food and eliminate waste, among other things. Providing plenty of fresh water is especially important if your pet only dry food.

Give the Gift of Iams

This is our most recently adopted kitty.  She is out with us on the deck, safety harness on and enjoying the warm sun.

Combined with the product ingredient list and the Iams Mission, quoted below, I feel confident that we are giving our cats the nutrition they deserve and supporting a company that is committed to the welfare of these animals.

  • “We care deeply about the health and well-being of dogs and cats. For our Pet Care business:
  • We restrict the types of studies we conduct to only those acceptable to human volunteers.This means no invasive or terminal studies are permitted.
  • Our feeding studies are limited to three locations: pet owners’ homes, places where dogs and cats already live (such as Service Dog organizations) or our own state of the art Pet Health & Nutrition Center.
  • More than 70 percent of the dogs and cats in Iams feeding studies are family pets living in private homes.
  • Our animals are adopted into loving homes when their career with us is over, and there’s a waiting list for our dogs and cats.”  

This holiday season when you are out shopping for all the important people in your life, don’t forget to Give the Gift of Iams and put a little something for our four-legged friends under the Christmas tree!

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