The Aftermath of Multiple Blizzards!


If you have watched the news lately, I am sure you have heard about the multiple blizzards that have pummeled the north-east coast of the US and Atlantic Canada. Honestly, we have been buried!

I cannot recall another winter where we have had multiple, I think it’s six now, blizzards in less than a month.  I think the snow count for the Kennebecasis Valley, which is where I live, since  January 27th  is way past 255 cm, which is about 101 inches, which is about 8 1/2 feet!  Anyway you measure it, that’s a lot of snow in less than a four-week time span!

Right now, as I’m writing this, I am looking at the weather forecast for our area and this is what I am seeing; 25 more centimetres expected in the next 24 hour!


Oh well, looking at the bright side, the snow is beautiful, it is great for skiing, snowboarding, sledding and many other winter sports.  And, it is not going anywhere soon, so I may as well laugh and take some pictures!

Here are a few I took to document the aftermath of multiple blizzards in our little neighbourhood of the Kennebecasis Valley.


Even though the sky was blue there was still a lot of wind and the snow was blowing around.  That’s why the photo looks a bit hazy.

All of the debris you see on the snow is from the wind blowing bits and pieces from the evergreens.


This was taken from our back door.  High snow drifts!


We had a snow plow coming, thankfully. Hubby was clearing  a bit of the snow away from the area of our front door.


The view from one of our bedroom windows…baby it’s “snowy” outside!


The snow bank on one side of the driveway.  The bank on the other side looks much the same.

I would love for you to tell me about the weather where you live.  Do you get snow?  Do you receive extreme weather of any kind?





  1. Kim @ HappyPrettyBlog says:

    My father in law just came over with the snowblower to widen our driveway today because we couldn’t life the snow any higher over the banks! I’m trying my best not to go into labour during a storm but I guarantee nothing lol!
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  2. Catherine White says:

    I was just out shovelling one of the decks and snowblowing the ramp, walkway and access to the dining room. Take it easy out there. That’s heart attack snow!!

  3. Stephanie R says:

    What a mess! We just had two “snowstorms” go through here and it brought our city to a crawl, I cannot even imagine how crazy it would be here if we got snow lie that!

  4. From my perspective S_N_O_W is a four letter “s” word!!! Seriously, I’m a dyed in the wool optimist but this is really pushing my limit… it is making me…. and others around here… borderline claustrophobic!!.

    Take it easy with the shoveling !

    • I hear you Pat! This year snow is definitely a four letter word! I agree too about how confining the snow can be. It is beautiful to look at but oh boy…it certainly ties you to your property.

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