The Dyson DC78 Cinetic Vacuum is My Cleaning BFF

I am late getting started on my spring cleaning. No real reason why, I guess I was just procrastinating. Consequently, now when I want to be out in the garden enjoying the nice weather, I am stuck inside cleaning.

There seems to be a never-ending, ever-growing, “Things to Do” list on my kitchen island. The winter bedding needs to all be switched out, winter clothing washed and packed away, then there is the house itself. Walls to wash, cupboards to organize and clean, curtains and blinds to be washed and the entire house needs to have all the furniture moved so every nook and cranny can have a thorough vacuuming.

Dyson DC78 Cinetic

This is where my Dyson DC78 comes in very handy. It may not be able to do the laundry, but it can certainly help with many of my other house cleaning tasks!

 Unboxing the Dyson Cinetic DC78 Turbinehead Canister Vacuum

One of the many features I love about this vacuum is it doesn’t use bags. I cannot count the number of times I have needed to make a special trip to town to buy bags for my old vacuum. I always seemed to need new bags at the most inconvenient times too. Like the time when we were cleaning up after taking down our real Christmas tree…not a good time to run out of bags!

This is not a worry with the Dyson Cinetic DC78, there are no bags to replace. The bin on the vacuum has a very large capacity and when I need to empty it, I just pop it out, take it right to the garage and empty the bin directly into our compost container.

 What else I love about the Dyson DC78 Cinetic vacuum and why it is my new BFF!

Dyson Cinetic science™ features:

  • Upright Cinetic science: Canada first introduced Dyson Cinetic Science as a canister vacuum last summer, and has now launched the same innovative technology as a full-size upright ball vacuum for those who prefer to push versus pull.
  • Self-adjusting cleaner head: Dyson’s base plate automatically adapts to every floor surface, creating a continuous seal to remove dust from hard floors and carpets.
  • Ball™ technology: Sitting on a ball, the Dyson Cinetic Science™ vacuum has a lower centre of gravity, making it easy to steer around furniture.
  • Instant release wand: No catches or parts to assemble, it reaches the top of stairs.
  • Close edge pick-up: Slim frame on the soleplate allows for cleaning up to the baseboard.
  • Hygienic bin emptying: With the press of a button, dust and dirt can be emptied directly into the waste bin.
  • HEPA filtration: Whole machine HEPA-filtration. No other vacuum expels cleaner air.
  • Warranty: Five year parts and labour warranty.


  • To ensure it is durable and reliable, the vacuum has been slammed sideways into steel blocks 200 times in side impact testing.
  • In total, Dyson engineers spent 9,000 hours testing Dyson Cinetic™ science; the equivalent of 500 years of vacuuming in the home.
  • Nearly $250,000 CAD was spent on aggressive test dust, running suppliers’ dust stocks dry.

 My thoughts after using the Dyson Cinetic DC78 Turbinehead Canister Vacuum

First they got rid of the bag. Now 22 years later the next breakthrough in 21st century vacuum technology: a vacuum with no bags to change, and now no filters to wash or replace.

Pushing the boundaries of cyclone technology through relentless engineering, Dyson engineers have developed Dyson Cinetic Science™. Cinetic science was initially introduced in Canada in August of 2014 as a canister format. Now, Cinetic science has been elongated and is available as an upright variant for those who prefer to push versus pull.


I am totally in love with our Dyson DC78  Cinetic vacuum. We have two cats, and many times three. (one is a frequent out-of-town visitor) These are all indoor cats, so you can well imagine the cat hair, balls of cat fur and cat litter that is tracked through our house daily. Never have our carpets, furniture and hard-surfaced floors been cleaner.

All others lose suction. Only Dyson Cinetic™ science doesn’t.

If you want the ability to keep your home pristine, the Dyson DC78 Cinetic, as well as, the complete line of Dyson vacuums are available for purchase in Canada, online or in-store at Dyson retailers across the country.

Remember, your purchase with Dyson Canada also includes:

  • Free warranty:  All upright and canister vacuums have a free 5 year parts and labour warranty. Handhelds and Fans are warrantied for 2 years.
  • Free Shipping: Vacuum cleaner/Fan deliveries – Buy online and get free shipping. The cost of your vacuum cleaner or a fan includes delivery costs with Purolator.

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  1. Catherine White says:

    Oh, I would love to have one of those. I have a very good name product, but the dealers are hard to come by and it’s getting old. That looks like an awesome product.

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