Destination: Back to Campus {Plus #StudentLife Hack Contest & Twitter Party}

I lived at home, with my parents, while pursuing a post-secondary education so I didn’t need to worry about purchasing such items as living room, kitchen and bedroom furniture, all the accessories, and everything needed to outfit a kitchen.

However, our son and daughter did not live at home and were both faced with setting up an apartment. Fortunately, they both had roommates, which helped make an overwhelming task become a bit more manageable.

Between two, three or four people, you can usually beg or borrow some of the larger items like a table, bed or sofa. Dad and Mom, Aunt Milly and Uncle Fred are often more than willing to give you their cast-offs.

That just leaves you with the smaller items. Sure, some of those may also be donated, but invariably you will need to buy some items.

Preparing your own food is a new and exciting experience. It’s fun to explore different recipes and impress your taste buds! But, getting all the supplies necessary to operate a functioning kitchen can often be a challenge.

Back to Campus

Canadian Tire offers quality, affordable solutions as you discover your student life essentials.

Now is the time to get organized, get styled, and get ready for a great year!

 #StudentLife Hack Contest


Make the most of your space with clever and creative twists on everyday items.  For example:

Back to Campus

Decorate wooden clothespins with colourful paper or fabric scraps, and use them to display your favourite pics on a piece of twine.

Back to Campus
This versatile bookshelf will help you divide and conquer all your stuff. Style it any way you like, in the bedroom, living room or kitchen. Keep the cool stuff on display and stash your mess with made-to-fit baskets in a choice of colours.

You will want to check out Canadian Tire’s Back to Campus page for more #StudentLIfe Hacks!

If you have a #StudentLife hack, you can win a daily prize of a $100 Canadian Tire gift card, and a grand prize of a $1000 gift card.

All you have to do is share a photo or video of your #StudentLife hack on Twitter, Instagram, or YouTube, tag @CanadianTire and use #StudentLife.

The contest is on from now until September 4th

For more information please read the Contest Rules.

Twitter Party Details


Back to Campus


I look forward reading all of your #StudentLife hacks and chatting with you at the Back to Campus Twitter Party!


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