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Anyone who knows me is well aware of my love for camping and the great outdoors. If I had my way (which I don’t always get…lol), I would be camping every vacation and every weekend in the summer.

I always tell my family that I was born one hundred or one hundred and fifty years too late. I would have loved traveling the country in a covered wagon and settling in a small house by a river, somewhere in the middle of nowhere.

If you love spending your summer vacation in the great outdoors, you probably already know that proper equipment turns a good camping trip into a great one. From tents to cooking stoves and lanterns to backpacks, Woods Canada offers only the best camping gear. Sure to help make that family vacation one that will be remembered for a lifetime!

I remember a bit of a disastrous camping trip we took when our kids were little. We had purchased some “bargain” camping equipment on sale and lived to regret our decision.

We were all settled into bed for the night and I was sound asleep. Our daughter woke us because she was cold. My hubby and I gathered her into bed with us and we all went back to sleep.  A couple of hours later the skies opened and the rain started falling. It sounded so nice and cozy until our son woke us to say his sleeping bag was sitting in a big puddle of water. Needless to say, it turned into a very long night, with us all huddled on the dry side of our tent.

After that disastrous experience, we purchased good quality equipment and camping once again became a positive experience that we looked forward to.

I love almost everything about camping, from finding the perfect site to organizing comfy sleeping arrangements and setting up a kitchen area to organizing our chairs around the fire.

I would love to hear all about your camping experiences! Use the hashtag #WoodsExplorer and tell us all about your adventures!

  • Who in your family picks out the site and sets up the tent?
  • Do you get the kids involved when it’s time to pitch the tent?
  • Who organizes all the camping gear?
  • Besides a tent and sleeping bag, what other gear is on your must have list?
  • What are some tips/hacks you use when camping?

Check out the Woods Expedition Series Tent. It doesn’t care if it rains. On that disastrous camping trip I took many years ago, I sure wish I had brought along this tent! Certainly would have saved a lot of frustration.

When camping, there is almost nothing worse than being cold. Trust me, with our old “bargain” sleeping bag, I knew! In the Woods Heritage Sleeping Bag, it actually keeps you warm. So you can sleep in, and let the waking forest be your lullaby.

Canadians have trusted Woods equipment to be there for them in the outdoors since 1885. It was there then, and it’s still here now. You can trust Woods Canada products for the perfect camping trip and they let you take on the great outdoors with confidence! 

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