One Year Countdown to 2016 Rio Summer Olympics {w/Twitter Party}



Did you realize that the 2016 Rio summer Olympics are just over a year away?

Canada’s Olympic team is preparing for next year’s Games in Rio, and are setting their goals on how they want to train on the #‎RoadtoRio‬.

How will you and your family get ready for the 2016 Olympics?

Below are some great ideas to involve the entire family in the countdown to the 2016 Rio Summer Olympics.

  • Here is a link to a list of summer Olympic sports 
  • Why not try a new summer Olympic sport or host a mini backyard Olympics.
  • Pick one summer Olympic sport you have never tried before and play that sport with your kids.
  • Pick a goal that you want to track, i.e., how many basketball free shots can you take, what is your best trampoline move, how fast can you run 50 metres, etc.
  • Work on a specific skill and try to see how with practice you can improve throughout the year. Before next year’s Olympics, get your family to try again to see if they can beat their personal best.
  •  Do you know any Canadian athletes who have participated in this sport in recent times or are on the #RoadtoRio for the first time? Find out who they are and what they are planning for 2016.
  • Set up a mini Olympics in your backyard with several ‘events’ based on summer Olympic sports – you can make up your own equipment if you don’t have it –i.e., use a softball as a shot put, use a stick as a javelin – use your imagination.
  • Make sure to take pictures and keep score and next summer when Team Canada heads to the Olympics, you can get your ‘athletes’ to see if they can beat their personal bests from this year.
  • Pick one of the sports from your mini Olympics and see what other Canadian’s have excelled at this sport.

August 5, 2015 marks the beginning of the one year countdown to the 2016 Rio Summer Olympics! What better way to celebrate than with a party!

Canadian Tire, who is a proud sponsor of the Canadian Olympic Committee (COC) and also has athlete relationships with a number of Canadian Summer Athletes is hosting a fabulous Twitter party to celebrate the countdown!


Twitter Party Details: 

Wednesday, August 5th, 2015

Time – 8-9 pm ET

Host: @CanadianTire

Guests: @btheiseneaton @markadejong

Hashtags:  ‪#‎WannaPlayChat‬ and ‪#‎RoadtoRio‬


$1000 in Prizing!


Athlete Guests:


Rio-Summer-Olympics• Canadian heptathlete representing Nike, 2 time World Silver Medalist & 2012 Olympian.

Twitter ~ @btheiseneaton



Mark de Jong

Rio-Summer-Olympics• Canadian sprint kayaker. 2014 World Champion. 2013 World silver. 2012 Olympic bronze. World record holder.

Twitter ~ @markadejong 



Hope to see you at the Twitter Party as we begin the one year countdown to the Road to Rio 2016 Summer Olympics!



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