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My husband and I both suffer from joint pain. He played competitive hockey, soccer and baseball, as well as many other sports back in his younger days. I am a nurse and have spent many, many years lifting, moving, bending and caring for patients, as well as, 12-hr shifts on my feet. I also love to paint, do needlework and knit. Needless to say, all these years of these repetitive activities have now taken a toll on our bodies. We both have varying degrees of joint and back pain.

Thankfully, we don’t have constant pain. However, we need to be very careful with our body mechanics. If we move the “wrong” way, stand for too long, or do too many repetitive movements, we suffer the consequences. The repercussion being joint or back stiffness and pain that can stop you in your tracks.

This pain has affected our ability to take part in some activities we love. Natural Solutions for Life has developed Synodrin Complete Joint Rehab, a line of joint supplements and gels that alleviate joint pain and help us get back to our daily routine.

Joint Pain

What I really like about Synodrin joint supplements is they don’t just mask the pain. They target the inflammation in your joints and help repair damaged cartilage. Synodrin Lotion provides fast relief from your symptoms while Synodrin Capsules will begin to treat you from the inside out.

Synodrin is a unique joint formula, specially designed with cetyl myristoleate and other proven joint health ingredients, including glucosamine-HCL, a blend of Turmeric and Boswellia, and hyaluronic acid, all shown to support and sustain joint health and function.

If you’re like us, you may have tried many kinds of arthritis supplements and treatments before. If you are reluctant to spend more money on yet another product, only to find out it just doesn’t live up to its claims, right now you can save up to 20% off your purchase when you register on the Natural Solutions for Life website.

Natural Solutions for Life makes their supplements with only the highest quality ingredients and they are so confident in their effectiveness that they offer a 60-day money back guarantee on all purchases.

And that’s not all:

Right now, you can enter for your chance to win your choice of an iPad or AppleWatch!

Joint Pain

I hope you take this opportunity to give Natural Solutions for Life a try, you may find it is just what the doctor ordered.




  1. Anna Johnson says:

    I haven’t heard of Synodrin and I would like to see if it helps our joint pain. I love chances to win, thanks for the awesome giveaways!

  2. Like you, Monica, I too have joint pain as a result of many years of hard work, but am not will to call it quits yet. Synodrin sounds like it will take the place of 3 medications; reducing inflammation, assist in repair of cartilage and provide pain relief. I plan on “giving it a try”. Also, can’t resist the chance to win a great prize!

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