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I have worked as a nurse for more years than I care to count, but I have loved just about every minute of my career. Many of those years I worked as an Operating Room Nurse in our regional hospital. I thrived on this fast paced environment, however; I do admit the constant bending and heavy lifting, coupled with twelve-hour shifts on my feet have taken a toll on my body.

As my body keeps reminding me, I am no longer twenty-two and too many years of this type of work  has taken its toll.

Now, many days I experience the pain and stiffness of arthritis in my knees and hands. I also often have lower back pain, the result of an old injury I received in my early days of nursing when I attempted to break the fall of an elderly patient. This pain is intermittent and although not debilitating, it certainly is bothersome.

Having coped with arthritis and back pain for years, it did not take me long to figure out what worked for me. Ask my friends and family, they will tell you, Aleve® is my go to pain reliever. It works for me every time and I trust it.

Not only is Aleve® the over-the-counter pain reliever that I choose for arthritis and back pain, I also use it to quickly and effectively relieve any muscular ache or a headache.

Aleve® I LOVE with that just one pill, ALEVE® offers up to 12 hours of relief from pain and stiffness. (That is one entire, very busy twelve-hour shift!}

Let’s face it. As adults, we are all balancing several responsibilities such as family, work and hobbies. Who has time to be slowed down by joint pain, stiffness headaches and back pain? Not me. That’s why I take Aleve®.

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