Visits From The Neighbourhood Deer

The area that I now live in, was not that long ago, fields, forest and a scattering of farms. When Music Man and I, more than 30 years ago, moved here from a neighbouring city, this community had a population of a little more than 10,000.  There was still acres and acres of dense forest and sprawling fields.

Since we moved here, homes have popped up left, right and centre and we now live in a suburban community, with a population of roughly 30,000 residents. While the building lots are fairly large and there is still a spattering of green spaces, the once abundant wooded areas and fields have rapidly been turned into subdivisions.

Unfortunately, the original occupants of this land, the animals, have been crowded out. People complain vehemently about the “nuisance” deer, but really, they now have very limited wooded areas to live.

I contend that the deer were here first. We expropriated their land and homes. We infringed on their once quiet and idyllic life.  It is not the other way around.

Because of the abundance of deer that have been grazing on people’s lilies and lilacs, and walking on the roads…and generally being a “nuisance”, our community has actually implemented a “limited cull” of these magnificent creatures. However, that is a whole different blog post!

Anyway, I thought I would share with you, some pics of the visitors that have walked through and visited our back yard (or more correctly, their backyard) this past week or so.


We had a significant snow fall last week. I glanced out a bedroom window at the storm and noticed this little group of four deer huddled under some trees.


A handsome male visitor.  He was quite interested in my camera.


Moving in for his close up!


Snapped this shot this morning. I had put the cedar from some Christmas arrangements out in the yard and this group of seven deer were munching on them.

I didn’t know this, but looked it up when writing this story. Apparently you can refer to a group of deer as a “herd” or as a “mob”.

I like “mob”.

So, this is a “mob” of deer in the backyard…lol

Lately, for me anyway, these visitors have been the most exciting thing happening in and around the Kennebecasis Valley!

What about you, what’s been new or exciting in your neck of the woods?


  1. Love this story.

    Where I lived a few years back we would get deer in our yard too. It is very exciting.

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