19 Innovative Uses for Non-Stick Cooking Spray

Cooking Spray

Non-stick cooking spray is something that I use almost daily when baking and cooking. Whether to spray cake pans, muffin tins, a loaf pan or pizza pan, it is a staple in our kitchen.

But, did you know there are many other uses for that trusty can of cooking spray?

In the Kitchen

1.  No mess ~ When spraying do it over the sink or an open dishwasher to prevent any messes.

2. Knives ~ Fresh garlic and dried fruit can stick to your knife like glue. Give both sides of you knife a quick spray and it will be much easier to chop sticky foods.

3.  Measuring cups/spoons ~ Before measuring sticky liquids products, such as corn syrup, molasses, and peanut butter, give the cup/spoon a quick spray and the sticky ingredient will easily slip right out.

4.  Cheese grater ~ grating a hard cheese such as  can be a bit of a workout, but if you spray the grater first the cheese will slide, making grating much simpler.

5.  Cupcakes/Muffins ~ If using paper liners,  spray them before adding batter to prevent the paper from sticking.

6.  Tomato stains on plastic storage containers ~ We often make a big batch of pasta sauce and freeze it for a quick weeknight meal. The problem, however, used to be the containers would become stained by the tomato sauce. The solution? Give the containers a quick spray before adding sauce and the sauce won’t stain.

7.  Jellied salads/desserts ~ Prevent jellied salads and desserts from sticking by prepping the mold with cooking spray.Forming Meatballs or Burgers

8.  Forming Meatballs or Burgers ~  A quick spray with non-stick, and the meat stays off your fingers and forms perfectly.

9.  Perfect slices of pie ~  Spray the inside of your pie pan prior to adding your crust so your slices come out nice and clean.

10.  Barbecuing ~ Spray  right onto your grill to prevent foods from sticking.

11.  Clean up ~ Coat your food processor or blender blades before use for simple cleanup.

Around the House

12.  Squeaky hinges ~  a quick spritz of cooking spray and the squeak is gone.

13.  Snow shovel ~ Spray the shovel prior to use and snow won’t stick.

14.  Sticking locks ~ Spray the key with cooking spray then slide the key in and out a few times, and your lock won’t stick anymore.

15.  Putty Knife ~  Coat your knife with a few sprays before use and clean up will be a lot easier.

16.  Lawn Mower ~ Give the blades and undercarriage of your mower a few quick sprays. It will keep the clippings from sticking.

17.  Debugger ~ If you have dead bugs  stuck to your car bumpers and grills just spritz a clean cloth with cooking spray, rub and the bugs will easily come off.

18.  Defrosting a freezer ~ If your freezer gets ice build up inside, defrost, then spray the inside walls with non-stick cooking spray. Your next defrosting will be a breeze.

19.  Bicycles ~ bicycle chain’s not shifting so easily? Give it a couple of sprays and then wipe away excess.

Cooking Spray

Do you have any other innovative uses for non-stick cooking spray?



  1. Tracey C. says:

    These are great tips! I’ve seen lots of kitchen tips, but oddly, never one about cooking spray! So, thank you!

  2. Catherine White says:

    I use the butter flavoured spray to make my own croutons. I cut up heels and bread that has gone a little dry. Place them on a sheet with parchment paper , spray with butter flavoured Pam, add a few spices, toss them, spray again. Put them in an oven, regular or toaster at about 200 degrees. I leave the door slightly open, so they will also dry. bake until they are completely dry. then store in a plastic bag. They will keep forever.

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